The transcript for A Peek in the Past.


Lisa and Hugh were both in bed.

Lisa: Isn't it crazy how far we've come? How far I've come?

Hugh: Yeah. We have two kids and we're madly in love. What could be better?

Lisa: I certainly remember a lot of things in my childhood. Mind if I share them with you?

Hugh: Certainly.

Lisa: Well, remember when we first met?

Hugh: Like it was yesterday.

Lisa: Yeah, I can too.

A flashback began. It was 2017 in November. Lincoln came home with a bad grade.

Lincoln wanted Lisa to tutor him at first.

Lisa: Sorry, Lincoln. But my tutoring schedule is completely booked. I got math with Lucy on Mondays, geology with Lynn on Tuesdays, finger painting with Lily on Wednesdays, et cetera et cetera.

Lincoln: But Lisa, you're my last hope!

Lisa: Mm. Pish Posh. Try the Community College. I've heard through the tutoring grapevine that students there tutor for extra credit.

Lincoln: Great idea, Lis!

An hour later, Lincoln found Hugh, his tutor. They began to study when Lori interrupted.

Later, Lori wanted Hugh to open her window. 

Lisa came in.

Lisa: I need to borrow Hugh for a second. I'm tutoring Lola.

Hugh: Glad to help. What's the subject?

Lisa grinned and giggled.

Lisa led Hugh to her room. Lola was sitting down at Lisa's desk. Lisa had Hugh's shirt up.

Lisa: This is called a rectus abdominis. Otherwise known as a six pack.

Hugh: Oh, I say!

Hugh pulled his shirt down.

Lisa: Now, if you'll turn around, I'll point out the gluteus maximus.

The other sisters came barging in and squealed.

Hugh: Really? But this is most-

Lincoln entered annoyed.

Lincoln: All right, all right. Class dismissed.

End of flashback.

Hugh: I remember that! At first, I didn't know why the heck you were examining my body. But I got it instantly when I left. It was because you liked me. And all your sisters liked me a lot, too. However, that many I couldn't deal with. You I could handle.

Lisa: Yeah. But I'm not really like that anymore. While you still have a hot bod, I don't constantly drool over it.

Hugh: Thank heavens!

Lisa: I have another memory. One that happened BEFORE I met you.

Hugh: Let's hear it!

Lisa: Well, I believe it's when I first met Darcy. You know Darcy, don't you?

Hugh: Of course I do. Go on.

Lisa: Well, it was a nice day. I was in my kindergarten class...

A flashback began. It was September of 2017. After getting an F in social skills, Lisa had to make a new friend. Lisa gathered a bunch of observations of her siblings with their friends. The next morning, Lisa had some notes in her hand.

Lisa: Okay, compliments, sports and/or play, sharing, and common interests. I'm ready. I shall befriend the first person to walk through the door.

A fat boy eating glue entered.

Lisa: Not Petey Wimple. He eats paste.

A girl with an eaten apple core came in.

Lisa: Hmm...not Charlotte Yang. She's a biter.

A brown haired girl with a flower top came in. Lisa gasped.

Lisa: Darcy Homandollar. She'll do.

Darcy entered and came up to Lisa.

Lisa: Greetings, Darcy. I have observed that your sneakers light up. Though they appear to lack purpose, I would like to compliment you on their whimsy.

Darcy: Thanks, Lisa! I've always liked your shoes, too. They remind me of my grandpa's.

Moments later, it was recess. Darcy was in the playground by the jungle gym.

Lisa went up to her. 

Lisa: Greetings. Would you care to join me in casual sport and/or play?

Darcy: Sure! Do you like the seesaw?

Lisa: Can't say I've heard of it, but, uh...what the heck?

Darcy and Lisa hopped on the seesaw. Darcy was having more fun than Lisa was.

Darcy: Whee! Isn't this fun?

Lisa gave Darcy the thumbs up.

Darcy: I gotta tinkle.

Darcy hopped off the seesaw, leaving Lisa to fall down.

Lisa: OOF!

A while later, at snack time...

Lisa: Care to share my homemade kelp leather? Full of nutrients, but zero taste, so it goes down smooth.

Darcy: Um...okay. Thanks, Lisa.

Darcy took Lisa's concoction and ate it.

Darcy: It's so...chewy.

A little later, at nap time...

Darcy was sleeping with a stuffed giraffe when Lisa came over.

Lisa: Oh! I see we have a common interest in the Giraffa Camelopardalis.

Darcy: Oh, you mean Raffo. You have a stuffed giraffe, too?

Lisa: No, but I have a giraffe cerebrum soaking in formaldehyde.

Darcy giggled.

Darcy: You use funny words, Lisa.

Later, Lisa passed social skills. Lisa went back to do her science and shut Darcy out.

Darcy came up behind her.

Darcy: Hi, new friend!

Lisa: Oh, uh...right. Greetings, Darcy.

Darcy grabbed Lisa's equipment.

Darcy: Are we playing scientist today? You always make it look so fun.

Lisa: This isn't really playing. It's complex and potentially dangerous research.

Darcy looked at Lisa confused.

Lisa: Uh...maybe we can engage in play and/or sport later.

Darcy: Oh. Okay. I'll save you a spot on the seesaw at recess!

Darcy left.

Lisa (to herself): Slight complication: I failed to consider that the subject might wish to remain friends after I achieved my objective.

Darcy waved to Lisa.

Darcy: Lisa! Lisa!

Darcy showed Lisa a picture.

Lisa looked back annoyed.

Lisa (to herself): Although she did help me secure that A.

Later, Lisa was trying to get some rest when Darcy came up to her.

Darcy: Hi, giraffe twin. Raffo wants to play. Did you bring your giraffe?

Lisa: Uh, mine does not travel well. Now, if you don't mind, I do need my REM sleep. I have a lot of short-term memories I need to convert to long-term.

Darcy frowned.

Lisa: Oh, tell you what? You, Raffo, and I can circle back to that play date post slumber. Sound like a plan?

Darcy (in a high pitched voice): Naps are boring. Let's play now. Maybe we can wake her up with a...TICKLE FIGHT!

Darcy began rubbing Lisa with Raffo much to her annoyance.


Darcy: Lisa! My dad packed two cookies today. One for me and one for my new friend.

Lisa: Oh, that is very generous, but I must decline. Spikes in blood sugar affect my mental acuity. So, just kelp leather for me today.

Darcy: That's okay. We can still sit together.

Lisa: Uh, actually, if you don't mind, I was hoping to use snack time to brush up on my Mandarin. I have a video conference coming up with my colleagues in Singapore.

Darcy: Ooh! I have a book too!

Darcy took out a book about cats.

Darcy: Reading twins!

Darcy began reading to Lisa's annoyance.


Lisa face palmed.


Lisa was doing some more science.

Lisa (to herself): And now, to add a single drop of the concentrated acid...

Lisa almost dropped it into a beaker until Darcy came up behind her.

Darcy: Hi, friend!

Lisa yelped in surprise while protecting the test tube.

Darcy: I made you something in craft time.

Darcy took out a red and white bracelet and put it on Lisa.

Lisa: What is this bizarre shackle?

Darcy: A friendship bracelet. I can show you how to make one for me too, and then we can be bracelet twins!

Lisa: Darcy, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to make one of these.

Darcy: I know it looks hard, but I can help you.

Lisa: No-no-no-no. See, you're a great kid, but my lifestyle isn't really conducive to having friends. To be perfectly frank, I sought you out to improve my grade in Social Skills. Now that that objective has been achieved, I feel it would be best for both of us if we went our separate ways.

Lisa took off the bracelet and handed it to Darcy.

Lisa: I do appreciate your assistance, though, and if you ever need a reference for another friend, I would be glad to give you a glowing recommendation.

Darcy started to cry.

Lisa: What's wrong? Did some of the concentrated acid get in your eye?


Darcy cried and ran away.

A little later, Lisa was in the corner because Ms. Shrinivas sent her to time-out for making Darcy cry.

Lisa: Well, there goes my perfect academic record. What am I gonna tell the other beings on the interplanetary council?

Lisa gasped in fear.

Lisa: Now I might not even make the council! I might have to be an-

Lisa began to cry.

Lisa: Alternate...

Darcy came over to Lisa with a cookie.

Darcy: Lisa? I thought you might like this.

Lisa: W-why are you giving this to me?

Darcy: You looked sad...I wanted to make you feel better.

Lisa: But, why would you want to make me feel better?

Darcy: Because that's what friends do for each other.

Lisa: Because that's what friends do for each other. Would you excuse me for just one moment?

Lisa (to herself): Research epiphany: I have discovered the point of having friends. Not to check off an academic record requirement or to impress a bunch of aliens, but because friends make your life better.

Darcy smiled at what Lisa said.

Lisa: Thank you, Darcy.

She broke the cookie in half and handed it to Darcy.

Lisa: Care to join me?

Darcy sat down by Lisa and ate the cookie.

Lisa: Hey, you wanna come over after school and play with my CAT scan machine?

Darcy: We have a kitty, too! CAT TWINS!

Lisa smiled.

End of flashback.

Lisa: Of course. I just remembered one memory. It's after we met and drifted apart.

Hugh: Tell me.

Lisa: Well, it has to do with all my siblings, Ronnie Anne, Bobby, and my parents.

A flashback began.

It was a cold winter day on December of 2018. A blizzard was on its way. Schools were already closed.

Lori and Bobby had to postpone their double date with Lincoln and Ronnie Anne at Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet and had to have their date at the Loud house.

Lori and Lisa were sitting in the living room waiting for Bobby and Ronnie Anne.

Lisa: Is it really wise for Bobby and Ronnie Anne to come here TONIGHT?

Lori: Yes! I need this date to be literally perfect, even if it's not at a nice restaurant.

Lisa: But it's drastic. I don't particularly like Bobby or Ronnie Anne.

Lori: Yes. I could tell by last year when you literally SPLIT UP me and Bobby Boo-boo Bear!

Lisa: I'm sorry about that. Let bygones be bygones.

Lori rolled her eyes.

Lori: Fine!

Leni came rushing downstairs with Luan running after her with a spider.

Leni: ACK! Get it off! Get it off!

Luan: Ah, come on! I was just messing with you!

Leni: Not funny! So not funny!

Lisa: Will you two children cease the cacophony? LORI'S bringing over her boyfriend plus Ronnie Anne.


Lisa: Yes. Now I'd appreciate it if you calm down so you don't embarrass them.

Luan: Why do you suddenly care about LINCOLN and LORI?

Lisa: I don't. But I figured you all did.

The other sisters came rushing downstairs.

Lucy lugged down her coffin.

Lynn: Lucy, do you really need THAT thing to watch the weather channel?

Lucy: If the power goes out and we all freeze to death of hypothermia...this keeps me warm.

Lynn: Oookay. I just hope the power DOESN'T go out. I taped the winter Olympics!

The doorbell rang.

Lincoln came running downstairs. His hair was all nice and he wore a fancy jacket over his orange polo and jeans.

Lincoln: They're here! THEY'RE HERE!

Lincoln opened the door.

Lincoln: Why, hello there.

Ronnie Anne: Shut it, Lame-O. Let's just get this date over with.

Bobby came rushing inside.

Bobby: BABE!

Lori came rushing into Bobby's arms.


Lori and Bobby both hugged passionately.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa: Yep. The lovebirds have arrived. I'm going upstairs to get some work done before the power goes out.

Lisa left the room.

Lincoln: So Ronnie Anne, this is everyone.

Lily came crawling to Ronnie Anne.

Lily: Onnie.

Lincoln: Yep. That's Ronnie Anne. Ronnie Anne, that's Lily.

Ronnie Anne: Aw. She's so cute. I love babies! I have a cousin just about Lily's age. He's the cutest.

Lincoln: I know. And I trust you'll find all my other sisters to your liking. Just lemme check on Lisa.

Meanwhile upstairs, Lisa was typing on her laptop.

Lincoln: I thought you wanted company.

Lisa: Nah. But please, just leave me while I figure out how to invent a new game.

Lincoln: You're inventing a game?

Lisa: Yes, but it's not what you think. It's no Ace Savvy fighter game. I'm creating a revolutionary science trivia game all over the web. Soon anyone who wants to know about science and test their knowledge can.

Lincoln: Still cool, I guess.

Lynn Sr (from downstairs): Dinner, kids! Come while it's hot!

Lincoln: Well, it's dinner. Coming down, Lisa?

Lisa: Yeah, just give me a minute.

Moments later, they all had their dinner.

Rita: It's nice to have Ronnie Anne and Bobby here. I remember the last time you guys came.

Ronnie Anne: Yeah, that was just to help Lincoln. But it's good. Last summer, my mom, Bobby, and me all went to go to our cousins' place. That was fun, perhaps. Except we moved the next day. But Bobby insisted we both visit today.

Lynn Sr: Yep, and if any of your cousins are into cowbells-

Lynn Sr got out his cowbell and started banging on it.

Lisa closed her eyes and groaned.

Lisa: Dad. Really?

Lynn Sr: Well, I'm just saying.

The power went off.

Lana: Ugh! Dang it! Now I can't operate my leaf blower.

Lola: Why do YOU need a leaf blower?

Luan: Isn't it obvious? So Lana can be BLOWN AWAY! Get it?

The siblings halfheartedly chuckled.

Luan: What? It's a good one!

Lynn: With Luan's lame jokes aside, the power's off...which means no winter Olympics!

Luna: Well, I can't write a song in the dark! I can't even upload my previous songs and send them to Mick Swagger!

Lori: Well, luckily Bobby Boo-boo Bear is right here, so I don't need to text him. But OMG! I can't do a couple's selfie with him and post it!

Lisa: Well, there goes my game that I designed. I forgot to save it when Lincoln came into my room earlier!

Lincoln: Well, at least my walkie talkie still works. Clyde and I were about to play in the snow when this blizzard is over.

Lucy: Well, I hope the power stays off. Nice and dark. Like a vampire's castle or lair. It's awesome.

Lisa: I wouldn't count on that.

Lucy: Sigh. Does no one share my love with darkness?

Other siblings (in unison): YES!

Lisa: Let's face it, Lucy. You pretty much are the only one in this room who cares about spooky stuff.

The power suddenly switched on.

Lincoln: Yes! Finally, off to build a snow fort with Clyde.

Lisa: I'd be happy to attack it!

Lincoln: No way.

Lisa: Oh, you've been warned.

Lisa chuckled.

Outside, Clyde walked up.

Clyde: Lincoln! Ready to build that fort?

Lori came outside with Bobby.

Clyde: Lo-Lo-Lori!

Clyde started nosebleeding in the snow.

Lincoln: Woah, there! Let's just get the fort started.

Clyde passed out.

Lisa came out with a snow bazooka.

Lisa: Duck and cover, brother! The bazooka returns!

Lisa cackled evilly.

Lincoln: Oh shoot.

Clyde woke up from being passed out and screamed.

Clyde: OH NO! RUN!

Lincoln and Clyde ran into their old snow fort they made a few days ago.

Lisa followed them and shot the bazooka towards Lincoln and Clyde's snow fort.

End of flashback.

Lisa: Now, Hugh. I believe I never told you on how I met David...have I?

Hugh rolled his eyes.

Hugh: Yes. You have. A million times.

Lisa: Well, I'm telling you anyways. So, David and I were always in the same class, same school, whatever. We were always really close. Even closer than Darcy and I. Yep. David was really my soulmate.

Hugh looked offended.

Hugh: And I'm not?

Lisa: Of course you're my soulmate. It's just, David's like the brother I always wanted. So anyways, to when David and I first met...

A flashback started.

It was a fall day. September of 2017. Lisa was at school dreading any and all monkey books. Ms. Shrinivas partnered everyone up for a science project. Lisa's eyes lit up. She HAD to get a good grade in that.

Many of the other kindergartners had no skill in science so Lisa felt hopeless of ever passing.

Until the new kid in class, who Lisa observed for a few days also is into science.

Lisa: Greetings, David. Would you be my partner for this science assignment?

David looked up at Lisa.

David: Certainly. I'd love to.

Lisa: Perfect. And perhaps, you could come by my house after school.

David: Sure. But let's first figure out our project. It should be a-

Lisa and David (in unison): Mind control robot.

Lisa: Did we REALLY just agree on something?

David: I guess so. Let's get started.

Moments later, Lisa and David were working on their project. Lisa was mixing chemicals for the robot to be trained in. The chemicals blew up in Lisa's face.

David wiped up her glasses and Lisa smiled.

Nap time arrived, giving the two a bit of a break.

David was sound asleep when Lisa came up to him and woke him up. David hopped out of the bed in fright.

The next day, Lisa brought in a real beating heart. This wasn't for the robot. But for something else.

Lisa: For you.

David read the note inside.

David: Your flowers and poem were a decent start, my token for you is a beating heart.

David opened it up.

Lisa: It's from a pig in the biology lab.

David screamed and ran away.

Lisa: Eh. Guess he's more of a chemistry guy.

Moments afterwards, David and Lisa presented their project. They both got an A.

David: It was fun working with you, Lisa.

Lisa: I know. Let's be friends forever!

David: I couldn't have said it better myself! Best friends!

Lisa: Forever.

David: Forever.

End of flashback.

Lisa: So, there you have it. David and I always had a special bond and-

She noticed that Hugh was fast asleep.

Lisa: Meh, I'll tell him again in the morning.

Lisa rolled over and dozed off.