The transcript for Aces and Hearts.


On a Saturday morning, Lisa was making breakfast.

Lisa: Alicia! Come down here before your breakfast gets cold!

Alicia rushed downstairs.

Alicia: Yum!

Alicia gobbled up her breakfast.

Lisa: Well, what do you plan on doing today?

Alicia: I want to go to a new convention.

Lisa: Okay. Which one?

Alicia looked down.

Alicia (muttering): The Ace Savvy one.

Lisa: Seriously? Ace Savvy! That's...preposterous! How could you like Ace Savvy?

Alicia: Why not? What's wrong with it?

Lisa: Ugh. LINCOLN likes it. Sorry, but no.

Alicia: Okay. I'll ask uncle Lincoln to take me, then.

Lisa wasn't paying attention since she was cutting up tomatoes.

Lisa: Yep. Sure.

Alicia went to her room to put on her Queen of Hearts costume and left.

Moments later, she reached the convention.

Lincoln and Clyde were over by a snack table practicing their superhero poses. They were wearing their Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack costumes.

Lincoln: Ace Savvy is ready to deal out some justice!

Clyde: No worries. One Eyed Jack has your back!

Alicia came over to them.

Alicia: And I'm the Queen of Hearts. I have a big heart who loves life!

Lincoln: Wow, I'm impressed. Alicia, YOU like Ace Savvy?

Alicia: Yeah. Mom didn't take it so well. But I don't care. I think the comics are funny! I read them all the time on my phone.

Clyde: Yeah. That's cool.

Lincoln: But as kids, WE always read the paper comics.

Alicia: I know, but Mom won't let me get the paper comics.

Lincoln: Eh, her loss. Let's just have fun.

Clyde: You said it!

Alicia: Alright, then!

The day passed and Alicia had a blast.

Alicia: This was amazing! I can't believe the day's almost over!

Lincoln: We usually close these kinds of days with a superhero selfie.

Clyde: But since we have a special guest here.

Lincoln: What would you like to do, Alicia?

Alicia: Well, I'd like to meet the REAL Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack!

Lincoln: Yeah. Uh...Clyde, can we talk for a moment?

Clyde: Sure. What is it?

Lincoln pulled Clyde aside.

Lincoln: Alicia will probably be bummed to find out that there's no real Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack.

Clyde: How'd you find out?

Lincoln: Well, let's just was 2020. We invited Chandler to a convention. Remember?

Clyde: Oh yeah! He totally ruined it all!

Lincoln: Yep. He was right. Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack don't actually exist. But they're always in our minds.

Clyde: So, will you tell her?

Lincoln: I guess so.

Alicia overheard.

Alicia: Tell me what?

Lincoln: Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack don't exist.

Alicia: Wait...HUH? I thought I saw them over by the snack bar an hour ago!

Lincoln: Those were cosplayers. Like Clyde and me.

Clyde: Sorry, Alicia.

Alicia: It's okay. Maybe we could get some ice cream?

Lincoln: I think that's a safe choice.

Clyde: Yum! Ice cream!

Alicia: So it's a go, then?

Lincoln and Clyde nodded.

They all went to the ice cream booth and chose their ice cream flavors.

Lincoln: I'd like the Ace Savvy ice cream with Savvy sprinkles.

Clyde: And I'd like the One Eyed Jack sundae with milk balls!

Alicia: I would like a classic vanilla and chocolate banana split.

Moments later, their ice creams came out.

Alicia, Lincoln, and Clyde began eating them.

Alicia: This was fun! Mom was missing out completely!

Clyde: You bet!

Alicia: I'd also like a souvenir.

Lincoln: Sure. What did you have in mind?

Alicia saw an Ace Savvy keychain hanging by the snack table and pointed to it.

Alicia: That!

Lincoln: Oh, a keychain. Okay.

Moments later, Lincoln and Clyde got the keychain for Alicia.

Alicia: This is perfect! Thanks so much!

Lincoln: Don't mention it! It's always nice to have someone else that's into Ace Savvy.

Clyde: Oh yeah!

They left the convention.

Moments later, Alicia arrived home.

Lisa: So was it everything you dreamed of?

Alicia: Oh yeah!

Lisa: Well, even if I don't like Ace Savvy, I'm glad you had fun.

Lisa and Alicia hugged.