Alicia Lawson is a main character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is Lisa's daughter.


Alicia was always very cute. While she didn't impress Lisa so much at first, since she was expecting another genius, she warmed up to Alicia over time. She is much closer with and takes after her father, Hugh.


Alicia is a very sweet, cute girl. She takes after her father. She is a boy magnet, but doesn't realize it. She is very sensitive, and is pretty smart, though not as much as Lisa and Hugh Jr. She doesn't have a scheming mind as much as her mother does, but is always roped in her schemes. She is very girly and likes to look her best, but she isn't vain.


Alicia is a small young girl with long brown hair with side-swept bangs. She commonly wears a purple turtleneck with a gold circle necklace, a plaid magenta skirt, green knee socks, and brown flats.



  • She is closest to Hugh.
  • She speaks in a British accent like Hugh.
  • She is pretty smart, yet not as smart as Lisa or Hugh Jr.
  • She has a manipulative side, but rarely shows it.
  • Alicia is very girly.
  • She is jealous of Hugh Jr sometimes.
  • She gets all the guys, similar to how Hugh got all the girls.
  • She's very mature for her age.
  • She resembles Lisa's friend, Darcy as a kid.
  • Alicia was named after Hugh's youngest and favorite sister.
  • As revealed in Family Feud, Alicia's favorite show is Insatiable, which is also the show her mother liked as a kid.


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