The transcript for All Hallows Eve.


It was Halloween night and Lisa was busy decorating the house for incoming trick or treaters.

Hugh Jr and Alicia came in wearing their costumes.

Lisa: Nice choice, kids.

Hugh Jr: Thanks. We collaborated on a theme costume. I'm Dr. Frankenstein while Alicia is the Bride of Frankenstein.

Lisa: Very clever. You Halloween when your aunt Lily and I were kids, we went as a kangaroo. I was the mama kangaroo, while Lily was the baby Joey. It was very cute and I got tons of candy from it.

Hugh Jr: Interesting. I hope we get lots of candy from trick or treating!

Lucy came through the door.

Lucy: I came from beyond to take your kids trick or treating.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa: Lucy, not you! I honestly think Hugh Jr and Alicia could go by themselves with some friends from school.

Hugh Jr: Really?!

Lisa: And besides, Lucy, you'll traumatize them. Remember the Halloween of 2042? Alicia was just a baby, Hugh Jr was only 3, and I trusted you to watch them...but what did you do? You let them see an R rated scary movie about VAMPIRES!

Lucy: Sigh. I already apologized about that. I had no idea they'd get nightmares for weeks!

Lisa: Well they did. So, if you don't mind, I'm calling up Lori and Rocky to come bring Ryan and Lucas over along with Lincoln and Clyde to bring Lonnie and Chad over so Hugh Jr and Alicia can trick or treat with them.

Lucy: No. Don't call Rocky. I don't want him to see me here.

Lisa: Huh?

Lucy: Well, I was on my way to Silas' place if you said no to me bringing your kids trick or treating. But sigh...if you call Rocky, he'll think I was cheating on him with Silas.

Lisa: That is the stupidest thing ever! I thought you were divorced!

Lucy: We are, but it's true. He'd actually think that.

Lucy sighed.

Lucy: But if you don't want me to bring your kids trick or treating, I won't.

Lisa: Okay, okay. You can bring Hugh Jr and Alicia trick or treating. Just DON'T show them anything really scary or pointless.

Lucy: Sigh. I won't.

Lisa: Good. But somehow, I don't believe you. So, I will give Hugh Jr and Alicia their cell phones so I can track them.

Lisa muttered under her breath.

Lisa: And possibly listen to your conversations.

Lucy: Wait...what?

Lisa grinned sheepishly.

Lisa: Oh, nooothing...

Lucy: Okay, I guess I can bring them along with me.

Lisa: Yep. But be back before 10. Got it? No later.

Lucy: Sigh. Okay.

Lucy and the kids left.

Hugh Jr and Alicia got candy from 10 different houses until Lucy had a surprise for them.

Lucy: Let's head to the cemetery.

Hugh Jr: Why?

Lucy: Well, let's just say there's a special ghost friend I want you guys to meet.

Alicia: Gh-gh-ghosts?

Hugh Jr: Don't worry, sis. Aunt Lucy's just playing into the Halloween spirits game. Ghosts aren't real.

Lucy: Oh, but they are.

Hugh Jr: Nonsense. Prove it.

Lucy: Oh, I will. Just follow me.

Meanwhile at home, Lisa was watching the footage she picked up from Hugh Jr and Alicia's phones.

Lisa: I knew it! Lucy IS up to something!

Lisa headed out the door.

Meanwhile, at the cemetery...

Lucy was by a tombstone marked

"Harriet Loud

Born: October 13, 1912

Died: October 31, 1941"

Lucy: Sigh. THIS is great grandma Harriet. Though I never knew her, she was always such an amazing soul.

Hugh Jr: Is that so?

Alicia: Can we get back to trick or treating?

Lucy: In a minute, Alicia. I think it would be fun to resurrect the dead.

Meanwhile, Lisa was at the cemetery spying at Lucy, Hugh Jr, and Alicia behind a big tombstone.

Lisa (to herself): I KNEW Lucy was up to something!

Lucy: Did you hear anything?

Hugh Jr: Uhh, no.

Lucy: That was the spirit calling.

Alicia: I'm bored.

Lucy: You won't be when we awaken the ghost of great grandma Harriet herself!

Hugh Jr: This is baloney. I'm heading over to Chad's place so I can get some candy.

Hugh Jr got up but Lucy grabbed his arm.

Lucy: Wait. You can see your little friend AFTER we see great grandma Harriet come to life.

Lisa couldn't take it anymore.

She walked over to Lucy.

Lisa: Look, Lucy. You cannot corrupt my kids like that!

Lucy: Lisa? Oh...sigh-

Lucy paused.

Lucy: Look, I wasn't corrupting them. I was just-

Lisa: Save it. I know exactly what you were doing!

Lucy: It's not what it looks like. They-

Lisa: They wanted to go trick or treating with their friends. Just like kids should.

Lucy burst into tears.

Lucy: I'm sorry! I wanted to give them a fun Halloween instead of just rotting their teeth with sugar. That's NOT what Halloween is about!

Lisa: It is when you're a little kid! Look...Lucy, YOU may have been a spooky kid but that doesn't mean my kids will be! It doesn't even mean that YOUR kid is. Does Ryan like resurrecting ghosts and talking to dead people?

Lucy: N-n-no...but I-I...okay. I'm sorry. I'll just leave you be now.

Lucy left the cemetery.

She headed to Silas' house.

Rocky dressed as ketchup came up to Lucy.

Lucy: Rocky, what do you want? And what's with that ridiculous costume?

Rocky: I just wanted to get something straight.

Lucy rolled her eyes.

Lucy: I have no time for this. I'm heading to Silas' house.

Rocky: Why did you say that we should divorce? What did I do?

Lucy: Plenty. Now I gotta go.

Lucy started walking away from Rocky.

Rocky: LUCY! I'm not done yet.

Lucy turned around.

Lucy: What is it? I'm having a rough Halloween, okay? Lisa's kids don't want to see great grandma Harriet and now YOU keep bugging me! We've divorced for a good reason. YOU just aren't what I thought you were...okay?

Rocky: Okay, okay. I know why Lisa's kids didn't wanna see your dead great aunt, though.

Lucy looked confused.

Rocky: Cause they're not interested! Look, if I were a 5 to 8 year old, I'd be more interested in getting candy!

Lucy: Nonsense! At 8 years old, I LOVED every kind of spooky happening!

Rocky: That's cause you're not normal. We always butted heads because of this. You would always blow me off just to go sit at home in your dark attic looking at dumb pictures.

Lucy: Well, I-

Rocky: And don't even forget about our first date when we were 12! You forced me to see some spooky horror movie about zombies! I had nightmares for weeks! That's until my older brother Rusty reassured me that zombies don't exist. But I was still totally petrified!

Lucy: Can I go now?

Rocky: Not yet. Then our wedding day was a flop. You actually wore a BLACK wedding gown to the wedding. I always knew that the bride is supposed to wear WHITE!

Lucy: But we still got married and shared that special kiss.

Rocky: And then years later, we had a kid. You insisted on naming him LUCIFER, after the dang devil, when I wanted to name him Ryan.

Lucy: But we named him Ryan, remember?

Rocky: You only agreed to that because I told you that Ryan was the name of my dead great uncle.

Rocky paused.

Rocky: It isn't.

Lucy: lied?

Rocky: Yep. But why we divorced, on that matter. I couldn't TAKE any of your spooky crud! You even tried to make Ryan go GOTH!

Lucy: Sigh. I know when I'm not welcome. So I'm out.

Lucy walked away from Rocky and headed to Silas' house.

Silas was sitting outside on a bench reading a book.

Lucy went up to him and sat next to him.

Lucy: Oh, I see you like the great Edgar Allan Poe.

Silas: Yeah. I do.

Lucy: My night was awful. How was yours?

Silas: Boring. I was sitting here all night waiting for trick or treaters. And, one. Apparently, kids steer clear of creepy looking houses with a dreary looking man sitting outside it.

Lucy: Sigh. I wish people didn't judge us for being spooky.

Silas: Exactly. But there's nothing we can do except be alone and miserable together.

Lucy: But-

Silas: That's what you want...isn't it?

Lucy: Yeah, but I have a family. 10 siblings who all love me. Spooky and all.

Silas: It didn't appear like that with your sister, Lisa. As far as I know, she wouldn't let you take her kids to get acquainted with great grandma Harriet. Is that right?

Lucy:'d you know that? That's exactly right!

Silas: Because I know you. I love you! You know that?

Silas paused.

Silas: I want you to marry me. Like a real couple. All my life, I waited for you to end things with Rocky. I never thought he was right for you. When you and Rocky got married, I wanted to die. But when you and Rocky divorced, I knew you were the one for me. The one that I want.

Lucy started to tear up.

Lucy: Normally I don't show emotion like this...but-

Lucy cried big tears.

Lucy: That's so beautiful! Yes, Silas! I'll marry you!

Silas: Although, we both might need some time. I mean...don't you want to tell your family the good news?

Lucy: I do. I know I do.

Silas: Perfect.

They hugged.