Ashley Milbourne is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is Lola's daughter.


Ashley was born by Lola and Winston. She wasn't very happy when her parents got divorced, but felt better when Lola gave her presents. She has always been spoiled by her mother, yet that never affected her sweet, caring personality.


Ashley is a very friendly, sweet girl. She is pretty popular, but only likes to hang out with Alicia. She is very girly and likes pink a lot like her mother. She is very spoiled, yet is also selfless and generous. She tries to impress her mom, even if it seems impossible. She is very smart, yet not as smart as Lisa. She is very cheerful most of the time and likes being happy.


Ashley is a small, pretty girl with long blonde hair. She commonly wears a white pearl necklace, a pink tank top with a pink sash, a magenta skirt, pink knee socks, and magenta flats.


  • Ashley is Alicia's best friend.
  • She is pretty smart.
  • She loves her mother deeply and considers her a role model.
  • She loves fashion.
  • She resembles Lola at 6 years old.
  • She is pretty shallow, yet down to earth.


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