The transcript for Broke and Pretty.


The next day, Lola was at the country club with Winston and Lindsey.

Lola: And here's a huge toast for me winning yet another beauty pageant!

Lola raised up her glass and toasted it as Lindsey and Winston raised their drinks.

A chef came up to Lola, Winston, and Lindsey.

Chef: Creme Brulee anyone?

Lola: Oh yeah!

Lindsey: Totes!

Winston: Definitely!

A few hours passed...

Lola and Winston were at a fancy restaurant.

Lola: This fancy sushi place is to die for, Winstie. It's like we're actually in Japan!

Winston: Interesting. This is the place you brought me to when we first got married.

Lola: Heh. Well, this is a special occasion.

Winston: I know you won your beauty pageant again. It's exactly the reason why I'm so proud of you.

Lola: Really?

Winston: Yes. Even though we divorced a while ago, I'm glad we're still great friends. Though you gotta cool it with the selfish attitude. Maybe we should volunteer at the soup kitchen one day. As mayor, I spruced it up and added lots of different foods.

Lola: Maybe...but I can't.

Winston rolled his eyes.

Winston: Here we go again.

An hour later, the check came.

Lola: No worries, Winstie. I got this.

Lola signed the check and put her platinum gold credit card beside it.

She handed it to the waiter.

The waiter cut up Lola's credit card.

Lola gasped.

Lola: You can't do this!

Waiter: I can. Apparently, you're broke!

Lola: BROKE? Do you know who I am? I'm Lola Loud-Milbourne! I can't be BROKE!

Waiter: Well, you are. What was your last purchase?

Lola: I'm not telling you! Come on, Winstie!

Lola turned up her nose at the waiter and dragged Winston out of the restaurant.

Winston: What was THAT about? If you were broke, I could've paid!

Lola: And relive THAT cliche over again? No thanks!

Winston: Okay, then. But just wondering...what WAS your last purchase?

Lola: Well...

A flashback began...

Lola was at home shopping online.

Lola: This rare emerald ring from the ancient Mayan pyramids will look fabulous with my new pageant gown!

Lola hit "Buy" and typed in her credit card number.

The flashback ended.

Winston: Okay, then. But how much did that thing cost?

Lola: What am I? An accountant?

Winston: No. But now you have nothing.

Lola: I wouldn't say the elaborate, million dollar mansion is nothing.

Winston: Okay. But don't be surprised if you get evicted.

Lola: Evicted? What...why would that happen?

Winston: I don't know.

An hour later, Lola reached her mansion.

Lola: Nice. I get the mansion to myself. Ashley's at her sleepover at Lisa's house with Alicia. I guess I'll watch my prison pageant shows I liked since I was 6!

Lola turned on the TV and began to watch one of the shows.

The doorbell rang.

Lola: UGH! Who's this?

Lola got up and opened the door.

The owner of the bank came in.

Bank owner: You're Lola Loud-Milbourne?

Lola: Uh. Yeah.

Bank owner: You're getting evicted.

Lola: WHAT!?

Bank owner: Come in, guys.

5 men in suits began taking a bunch of Lola's belongings.

Lola: NO! Not the TV! Not my dresses! NOT my million dollar coffee table!

Lola began to cry.

Bank owner: You can retrieve a few extra belongings. This house will be sold tomorrow.

Lola: No!

Lola ran to her room and grabbed a suitcase and started putting in her dresses, jewelry, and makeup.

She ran to Ashley's room and grabbed another suitcase and began putting in Ashley's treasured items.

Lola ran out of the door and headed to Lisa's house.

At Lisa's house, Lisa was preparing dinner for Alicia, Ashley, and Hugh Jr.

Lisa: So, I made spaghetti and meatballs. Enjoy!

Hugh Jr: Yum! That's fantastic, Mom!

Ashley: Yeah. I don't get something THIS simple at home. Usually, Mom has the chef prepare some fancy cuisine.

Alicia: But spaghetti and meatballs are the best!

Ashley: Oh, I know. Better than escargot!

The doorbell rang.

Hugh walking by, opened it.

It was Lola.

Lola: I'm sorry to intrude, but I need some place to sleep.

Hugh: And how about your enormous mansion?

Lola: I'm broke. I no longer own it.

Hugh: Why don't you come in?

Lola entered.

Lisa came in.

Lisa: Lola, I'm sorry. But you can't stay here.

Lola: But I'm practically homeless!

Lisa smirked.

Lisa: You are?

Lola: Lisa, if you had anything to do with this, I swear-

Lisa: What are you talking about? I didn't know you were having financial problems!

Lola began crying.

Lola: Oh! I just realized that Ashley won't have anywhere to sleep!

Ashley looked at Lola.

Ashley: Mom, what happened?

Lola: I'm broke. I bought an expensive emerald. AND NOW I HAVE NO HOUSE!

Ashley: WHAT?! Where will we stay?

Lola: Here! Lisa, you don't mind. Do you?

Lisa: I actually do. But you and Ashley can stay for a night until you find a permanent home.

Lola: Thank you, Lisa!

Lola hugged Lisa.

Lisa: Don't mention it. Now, you and Ashley get the living room.

Alicia: Can Ashley sleep with me?

Lisa: I suppose so.

Lola: But why the living room? Ew.

Lisa: Take it. Or leave.

Lola: Ugh. I'll leave. Come on, Ashley.

Lola and Ashley headed to Lana's house.

Lola: Well, Lana's house is the best I got now.

Ashley: But I wanted to be at Alicia's!

Lola: Tough. You're going to spend time with your aunt Lana.

They reached Lana's house.

Lola rang the doorbell.

Lana answered it.

Lana: Lola! Ashley! Come in! I was just preparing dinner.

Lola: Oh boy.

Lola and Ashley entered Lana's house.

It was wall to wall covered with mud.

Lola: Ew. 2nd and last time I visit here.

Ashley: When was the first?

Lola: Just forget it.

Lana: So, there's a mud pie and expired milk. Help yourself.

Lola: Ew. I'm NOT having expired milk. Or a mud pie!

Lana: Well, suit yourself.

Lana grabbed the expired milk and drank it.

She ate the mud pie in one gulp and belched.

Lola: Ew. I'm so leaving. Come on, Ashley.

Lana: Okay! See ya!

Lola and Ashley left Lana's house.

Lola: Now we have nowhere to sleep.

Lola's phone rang.

Lola answered it.

It was Winston.

Winston (on other line): I heard that you were having some trouble. So, I'm inviting you and Ashley to live with me at my mansion for as long as you need.

Lola: Thanks, Winstie! You're too kind!

Lola hung up her phone.

Lola: You hear that? Your father came through for me! We can stay at his place!

Ashley: Alright! I missed living with Dad!

Lola: You know what? So did I.

Lola and Ashley walked to Winston's house.