Chad McBride is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. He is Clyde's son.


Chad was adopted by Clyde. He originally came from a foster home, giving him a bit of a troubled past. He became a bully by getting bullied a lot by his former foster siblings.


Chad may seem sweet like his father when you first meet him, however, he is incredibly mean, selfish, and greedy. He likes to bully and harass others he perceives as weak or uncool. He doesn't like to follow rules, and constantly ditches school, and even pressures his friends to do the same thing. He is considered a "disappointment" in Clyde's eyes, yet he never cares.


Chad is a tall, dark skinned boy with curly black hair. He commonly has a mean look on his face. He commonly wears a yellow and blue striped shirt, a leather jacket, grey pants, and grey sneakers with blue laces.


  • Chad is the polar opposite of his dad, Clyde.
  • He calls his dad by his first name, much to Lisa's shock.
  • He bullies Hugh Jr.
  • He's a very bad kid.
  • He ditches school frequently to shoplift from stores and restaurants.
  • He isn't too friendly or smart.
  • He is fairly popular, yet nobody truly likes him.
  • He hates science, much to Lisa's anger.
  • Lisa's always known his true intentions.


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