Clyde McBride is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. He is Lincoln's best friend.


Clyde was an only child raised by his two dads. He had a constant crush on Lori and would usually nosebleed in her presence. He and Lincoln first met and became friends when they were really young. He never completely got over his crush on Lori, even after her marrying Bobby. He adopted his son, Chad from a foster home after graduating from college.


Clyde is very awkward and fearful. He can be slightly dimwitted when it comes to talking to girls, but he is still pretty smart. He is a loyal friend to Lincoln and stands by him no matter what. He is a pretty fair dad to Chad, even if Chad defies him constantly. He is very nice, but also super shy.


Clyde is a tall, dark skinned man with black curly hair, freckles, glasses, and a goatee. He commonly wears a yellow and blue button up top with a grey jacket, black pants, and black sneakers with white laces.

At 11, Clyde looked pretty similar, but with no facial hair. He commonly wore a yellow and blue striped button up shirt, black pants, and black sneakers.


  • Clyde is Lincoln's best friend.
  • He has a crush on Lori.
  • He used to get nosebleeds a lot.
  • He has 2 dads.
  • Chad frequently disobeys him.
  • He is very timid.


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