The transcript for College Bound.


It was a quiet summer day. The first day of school is nearing.

Lisa was working on an experiment.

Hugh Jr came in with a college acceptance letter.

Hugh Jr: Mom, guess what? I just got accepted to the Royal Woods Community College that Dad teaches at!

Lisa: Wow! Congratulations! I didn't even know you applied!

Hugh Jr: I didn't even want to either. One of my teachers recommended that I should apply!

Lisa: That's my boy!

Hugh entered the room.

Hugh: Are you ready to get your textbooks for college?

Hugh Jr: You know it!

Hugh and Hugh Jr left.

Alicia came in.

Alicia: Why does HUGH JR get to go to college? It's no fair!

Lisa: Because he's a genius. What can I say? If it will make you feel better, I'll give you your own college at home before school starts.

Alicia: Really?

Lisa: Hmmm...maybe not. But please, I have a lot of work to do.

Alicia huffed and left the room.

Meanwhile, at the community college store, Hugh and Hugh Jr were picking up Hugh Jr's textbooks.

Hugh went up to the cashier, who was a pretty college girl.

Cashier: That'll be $40.95.

Hugh: I have my faculty discount card.

Cashier: Then $30.95 for the fine looking man.

The cashier blushed.

Hugh: Thanks, but I'm a married man. I was just shopping for my son.

Hugh paid for the textbooks as the cashier fainted.

Hugh and Hugh Jr left the store.

Hugh Jr: Dad, does EVERY girl have a crush on you?

Hugh: Pretty much. You should have seen your mom when she and I first met.

They headed home.

Lisa: So, how'd the shopping go?

Hugh: We got everything we needed.

Hugh Jr: Yep. We got all the textbooks for astrophysics, calculus, chemistry, and best of all...literature! I'm very excited!

Lisa: Yeah. But keep in mind, this college thing isn't going to be a full-time thing.

Hugh Jr: It's not?

Hugh: No. I talked to the headmaster into giving you just a month of college experience. We all would miss you far too much.

Lisa: And besides, you like your middle school...right?

Hugh Jr: Of course. I'd hate to leave behind my friends to go to college. I'm only still a kid!

Alicia came in.

Alicia: So, this college thing WON'T be a full-time thing?

Lisa: Nope. It won't be.

Alicia: PHEW! But, Hugh Jr's STILL going to college...isn't he?

Lisa: Yes. Be proud of him.

Alicia: I can't! I wanna go to college with him.

Lisa: You'll go to college when you're ready.

Alicia: But I'm ready now.

Hugh Jr: If it'll make you feel better, I'll write to you every day I'm at college when I'm not busy.

Alicia: Ya know, that does make me happy.

The next day, Hugh dropped Hugh Jr off at his college dorm.

Hugh: I'll see you in your literature class. I'm your teacher.

Hugh Jr: Okay! I gotta set my things down.

Hugh Jr set his things down.

He grabbed his textbook for his first class.

He left the room and headed to his first class.

Meanwhile at home, Alicia was in tears.

Alicia: I miss him! He hasn't written back yet!

Lisa: Give it some time. He just got there.

Alicia: I just want to see how he is.

Lisa: He's fine. Let's just do something the two of us.

Alicia: Like what?

Lisa: Hmmm...we could prank phone call Darcy.

Alicia: Nah. That's boring. Wait...we could watch Insatiable!

Lisa shook her head.

Lisa: Nah. I actually saw all the episodes when I was around your age.

Alicia: How come there's NOTHING we could agree on?

Lisa's eyes lit up.

Lisa: We could make brownies!

Alicia: Now you're talkin'! Although, I don't even know how to make brownies.

Lisa: It's easy! I'll show you.

They headed into the kitchen.

Meanwhile at the community college...

Hugh Jr was working on a science experiment in the science lab.

Hugh came in.

Hugh: Do you want to take a break and get some lunch? Maybe you could write to your mom and Alicia to tell them how it's going.

Hugh Jr: Nah. This project is due for my chemistry class. I must finish it.

Hugh: Okay. If you say so. If you need me, I'll be in the dining hall.

Hugh Jr nodded his head.

Hugh left.

Meanwhile, at home...

Lisa and Alicia were eating the brownies they cooked.

Alicia: I'm worried. What if he's never coming home?

Lisa: Your dad said Hugh Jr will be home in a month.

Alicia: Will I still see Daddy?

Lisa: You'll see him when he's done teaching his classes. In fact, he should be home for dinner.

Alicia: That's good.

Hours later, Hugh got home with dinner that he ordered from the college cafeteria.

Hugh: Here. I got patty melt sandwiches, fries, and some chicken tenders from the college cafeteria.

Alicia: Nice! I wish Hugh Jr was here to enjoy them, though.

Hugh: He actually had one at the college just as I was leaving.

Alicia: Hugh Jr will write back, won't he?

Hugh: Possibly. Although, don't be sad if he doesn't. He's very busy now.

Alicia: Oh, alright.

Meanwhile at the community college, Hugh was reading his textbooks.

Hugh Jr (to himself): Well, this college stuff isn't easy, but it is fun. I'm looking forward to REALLY attending here after high school.