The transcript for Copy Clone.


One Saturday, Lisa was going through her old inventions left at her parents' house.

Lisa: Ah-ha! I found it! The cloning machine!

Lisa manically laughed.

An hour later, Lisa was at home. She made multiple copies of herself.

Lisa: Okay. So, Lisa clone 1, go bug Darcy.

A Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: And Lisa clone 2, go help Hugh Jr with his physics presentation.

Another Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: Lisa clone 3, go to Lily's place and ruin her other baby "treasures" that she kept all these years!

Another Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: And finally, Lisa clone 4, go get a strand of Hugh's DNA.

The last Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: Ha! Finally! Now I'll be supreme ruler of the world. AFTER I clone myself a million more times!

Lisa maniacally laughed.

Meanwhile, at Lily's apartment...

Lily: Wow. Just a quiet day watching cute baby videos.

There was knocking at the door.

Lily: Come in!

The 3rd Lisa clone came in.

Lily: Wow! Lisa, what a surprise!

Lisa clone 3: Yes. I figured I could come over here and see how my younger sister is doing.

Lily: Well, I just sorted out all of my keepsakes. And now I'm watching cute baby videos!

Lisa clone 3: Fascinating. Where do you keep your keepsakes?

Lily: In my room. Duh.

The Lisa clone went to Lily's room and took all of Lily's keepsakes and hid them in a trash bag.

The Lisa clone came out.

Lily: What do you have there?

Lisa clone 3: Not much. I gotta go.

Lily: Okay! See ya.

Meanwhile, in Hugh Jr's room...

The 3rd Lisa clone entered.

Hugh Jr: Oh, hey Mom. I'm having some difficulties with my new school project.

Lisa clone 2: Say no more. It's a physics presentation.

Hugh Jr: How'd you know? I would like to make a better one than Chad. He told me he's been studying like crazy. Which is strange.

Lisa clone 2: It is strange. But I'd be glad to help.

The Lisa clone began helping Hugh Jr.

Meanwhile, at Darcy's home...

David was reading a book while Darcy was stroking his hair.

David: Cut it out, Darcy. I'm reading this college textbook for my medical school classes!

Darcy: I'm sorry, David. Your hair's just SO soft.

David: I'll give you a cookie.

David grabbed a cookie.

David: Here.

Darcy grabbed it and ate it.

Darcy began to look sick.

David smirked.

David: Did I mention that this cookie was in the couch? And it's 30 years old?

Darcy ran to the bathroom and threw up.

The 1st Lisa clone entered.

David: Greetings, Lisa. I just made Darcy throw up.

Lisa clone 1: Impressive. I'm just a clone of Lisa, though. But I grade it an A+!

David: No way! You cloned yourself! I'm talking to a clone? Amazing!

David fainted.

The Lisa clone nudged David.

David got up quickly.

Lisa clone 1: So, I was instructed to bug Darcy.

David: Be your guest. She's puking her brains out. Not that she has much to puke out.

David laughed.

Lisa clone 1: I know. I'll give her my special soap that looks like candy.

David: Oooo. She'd love that...and by love it, she'll be puking all night! Brilliant.

Lisa clone 1: I thought so.

Meanwhile, at Lisa's house in the living room...

Hugh was watching TV.

The 4th Lisa clone snuck up on Hugh with scissors.

The clone was about to cut a strand of Hugh's hair.

Hugh turned around in surprise.

Hugh: What?! Lisa! What are you doing with a pair of scissors!?

Lisa clone 4: A little haircut.

Hugh: That's it! I thought you were done with these wacky experiments!

Lisa clone 4: I am. Until I get a strand of hair.

The real Lisa entered.

Lisa: Greetings Hugh. I see my clone went to get a strand of your hair.

Hugh: LISA! You cloned yourself? Are you CRAZY?!

Lisa: By crazy, do you mean BRILLIANT, then yes.

Hugh: You know what I mean. How many of those clones did you make?

Lisa: Oh...a hundred.

Hugh: A HUNDRED? Really!?

Lisa: Yeah. They invaded OUR room.

Hugh: Oh my god. You lost it now!

Hugh ran to their room and saw 100 clones of Lisa.

Lisa: There's some more in the laboratory.

Hugh: What laboratory?

Lisa: The one I made during the Loud family reunion last spring. Hello.

Lisa paused.

Lisa: Also, one's with Lily, another's with Hugh Jr, and another's with Darcy.

Hugh: You gotta get rid of those clones and fast.

Lisa: Never! I'm so close to ruling the world!

Hugh: What's more important? World domination...or me?

Lisa: Uhhh...

Hugh: That's it. I'm out of here.

Hugh left.

Hugh Jr entered.

Hugh Jr: Okay, either I'm losing it or I just saw two of you, Mom.

Lisa: You're not. But now there's a hundred.

Hugh Jr: REALLY? THAT could be my project! Cloning! Thanks Mom!

Lisa: Woah, woah, woah there. You can't do your project on cloning. It's a physics project.

Hugh Jr: Which CHAD never thought of. You're a genius!

Lisa: Well, I can't argue with that logic. But you're too young to clone yourself.

Hugh Jr: No I'm not! YOU said you cloned yourself since you were SEVEN!

Lisa: True. But no.

Hugh Jr: Come on! I'm 9 now. I can handle it.

Lisa: Ugh. One clone. And that's it.

Hugh Jr: Okay, okay.

He made one clone of himself from Lisa's cloning machine.

Hugh Jr left with his clone.

Lisa: Now I just hope Hugh doesn't find out about this.

Hugh (from the living room): LISA!

Lisa giggled.

Lisa: I guess he did.