Darcy Miller (née Homandollar) is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is Lisa's friend.


Darcy and Lisa first became friends and met when Lisa got an F in social skills, much to her shock. Little did Darcy know, Lisa would frequently scheme against her. Darcy also had a crush on David, Lisa's best friend and crush. Later on, Darcy and David got married, due to a plan that Lisa had. Though Darcy and David got married, they never had kids, also part of the plan Lisa had before.


Darcy is a very friendly woman. She isn't as smart as Lisa, since she doesn't know about Lisa's schemes against her. She used to be pretty childish, but grew out of that somewhat. She is pretty naive, gullible, and easy to fool, yet she is extremely loyal. She is also very emotional since she always cries whenever Lisa sabotages her.


Darcy is a tall woman with shoulder length dark hair. She has medium skin and wears red lipstick and dangly pearl earrings. She commonly wears a light blue flowered top underneath a dark blue sweater with a white circle necklace, a khaki skirt, magenta knee socks, white heels, and a friendship bracelet that matches Lisa that's red and white and beaded.

At 4, Darcy had the same hair and skin complexion. She frequently wore a light blue flowered tank top with khaki shorts, magenta ankle socks, a band-aid on her left knee, and light up sneakers.



  • Darcy is Lisa's good friend.
  • She is very naive.
  • Lisa frequently torments her.
  • She has a sister.
  • She likes giraffes.
  • She had a stuffed giraffe, Raffo.
    • Lisa later shredded it.
  • She cries a lot.
  • She is the opposite of Lisa.
  • She had a very small role in the original series.
  • In an alternate universe, Darcy marries David's brother, Greg and has 2 kids.


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