The transcript for Done With Jokes!.


It was Saturday night. Lisa and her siblings were all watching Luan at her comedy club.

Luan: So, what did the chicken say to the other chicken?

Luan paused.

Luan: It's your CLUCKY day!

Luan laughed.

Luan: Get it?

The entire audience laughed except for Lisa and the rest of the siblings.

Luan: Okay...what happens when a clock flies?

Luan paused.

Luan: Time flies!

The rest of the audience laughed besides Lisa and the other siblings.

Hours later of Luan telling jokes, Lisa and the other siblings were all still unamused.

Moments later, Luan wrapped up her show.

Luan went to her siblings.

Luan: What gives, you guys? I was killing it out there!

Lisa: I know what you were killing, Luan. My brain.

Lana: Yeah! Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus tell better jokes than you!

Luan: Oh yeah? Are any of them professional comedians?

Lana: No. But neither are you.

Lincoln: Ooo...burn!

Luan: You know what? I quit comedy!

Luna: What? You can't be serious!

Lisa: I was just kidding about you killing my brain!

Lola: You're really funny!

Leni had a glass of milk and spit it all over Luan's face.

Leni: Spilled milk! Get it, Luan?

Luan: I do, but I'm still quitting comedy forever.

Luan left.

Lynn: What do we do? Luan doesn't wanna be a comedian anymore!

Lori: And it's all cause of us.

Lucy: Sigh. If I laughed, it would've made a huge difference.

Lily: All of us laughing would've made a difference. I don't get it. She made me laugh when I was a baby. We gotta do something.

Lisa: Eh. I give it a day. Luan will probably be back to chuckling it up here at this lame club.

Lincoln: Lisa's right. She'll be laughing again.

Meanwhile, at Luan's house...

Luan was throwing away all her comedy props when Benny came in.

Benny: What are you doing, Luan?

Luan: I'm throwing away all my comedy props.

Benny: But why?

Luan: I'm not funny. My siblings said so.

Benny: Seriously? You had a whole audience laughing at your jokes and you're quitting comedy because of 10 people in the crowd?

Luan: Let's face it. I'm unfunny. My siblings' opinions are the only ones that matter.

Benny: If you say so. But I know Giggles and Maggie like your material.

Luan: Do they?

Benny: Of course they do! I saw them in the crowd of your comedy routine!

Luan: Yeah. did?

Benny: Yep. Tomorrow, I'll invite them over.

Luan: Oh, really. That's nice.

A day later, Luan and Benny were sitting on the couch together.

Luan: I'm still giving up comedy.

Benny: You won't after Giggles and Maggie get here!

Luan: Like my old friends from middle school could convince me that I'm funny!

Benny: You'd be surprised.

The doorbell rang.

Benny: Why, you look at that? That's them.

Benny opened the door.

Benny: Giggles, Maggie. Come in.

Maggie and Giggles entered.

Luan: So did you come to tell me to not quit comedy?

Maggie: Yes. We did.

Giggles: I've known you since clown camp!

Maggie: And you performed at my 13th birthday party after your brother stunk it up!

Luan: I know, I know. But those days are behind me. Starting today, I'm going to attend the community college to be a doctor. Like Lisa.

Maggie: A doctor? I'm an author and even I know that job's not for you!

Luan: Huh?

Maggie: What I mean're a comedian and you totally rock it.

Luan: Really now?

Giggles: Maggie's right.

Benny: Yep. You should really reconsider.

Luan: Maybe my siblings are right. Maybe I'm NOT funny.

Maggie pulled out her cell phone and starting typing on it.

Maggie showed Luan her phone.

On it had a bunch of positive reviews of Luan's comedy show the last night.

Maggie: See, these people LOVE your jokes. You ARE funny!

Luan: Hmmm...if all those people like my jokes, then I won't quit comedy.

Benny: YES!

Luan: However, I won't bug my siblings with my jokes anymore. It's clear that they don't like them.

Maggie: Do whatever. I'm out.

Giggles: Me too.

Maggie and Giggles left.

Benny: Good job, Luan. You never have to quit something because a few people...or a few 10 people don't like it. You do what you like.

Luan: Okay!

Luan and Benny hugged.