The transcript for Double the Date.


One spring day, Lisa was preparing for her wedding anniversary with Hugh.

Lisa (to herself): The dinner location's all set. Hugh will just love Bangers and Mosh. None of my siblings will ruin it at all for me.

Lisa chuckled.

Lisa: Cause I made so darn sure they wouldn't.

Hours later, Lisa and Hugh were at their special place.

Hugh: This is amazing! I couldn't had picked a better anniversary place.

Lisa: It's the best only for you!

They entered Bangers and Mosh and sat down at a nice table.

Meanwhile, in the city near the Casagrande bodega...

Lori and Bobby were in their usual fancy restaurant they go to for date nights.

Lori: What do you mean we have to make a reservation?

Waiter: You might not understand this, but we no longer accept walk-ins anymore.

Bobby: Come on. Let's try somewhere else.

Lori: Ugh, you literally GOT to be kidding me!

Lori stormed out of the restaurant while Bobby followed her.

Meanwhile, at Bangers and Mosh...

Hugh: This really was a nice place. You know, I discovered it when I first started attending the community college 30 years ago.

Lisa: I know. This was also where we had our first study/lunch date.

Hugh: Yep. It was amazing.

Lori and Bobby entered.

Bobby: Are you sure THIS is the place we should eat at for our anniversary?

Lori: Yes! It's literally perfect!

Lori noticed something.

Lori: Boo-boo Bear. We just picked the perfect night!

Bobby: Really? What is it?

Lori: Lisa and Hugh! They're surprising us on our anniversary!

Bobby: Riiight...maybe we should say hi.

Lori: I know, right?

Lori and Bobby went over to Lisa and Hugh's table.

Lisa whispered to Hugh.

Lisa: Uh-oh. Lori alert.

Lori and Bobby sat down.

Lisa: Greetings elder sister. What brings you here? To our anniversary?

Lori: Well, Bobby Boo-boo Bear and I got rejected from our favorite restaurant in the city!

Lisa: Aw. That's too bad.

Lori: It is! So, we chose this place that'll be fair to us.

Bobby: And guess what, babe? No reservations!

Lori: I know!

Lisa: I know. But why'd you have be here TONIGHT?

Hugh: Lisa, give them a chance. We never had a double date before. It could be fun.

Lisa: You don't know Lori like I do.

Lori: So, why we're here tonight is simple.

Lori took a deep breath.

Lori: The restaurant Bobby and I usually go to requires reservations now.

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa: You could've chose a different place in the city instead of bugging me.

Bobby: You know, it's hard to believe, but I've never been here before.

Lisa: Oh, sure.

Lori: And that's the reason. Boo-boo Bear's never been here before. It'll be fun.

An hour passed, and Lisa was getting tired of the double date.

Lori: So, Bobby has 4 jobs now. Tell them, Boo-boo Bear.

Bobby: Well, as you might know now, I'm a waiter at the French Mex Buffet. And I'm a mall cop, too. But best of all, I applied for the winter job as a zamboni driver and the summer job as a lifeguard at the community pool. I got both of the jobs!

Lori: Aren't you just so proud of Bobby Boo-boo Bear, Lisa?

Lisa dozed off.

Hugh nudged her.

Lisa: Oh, yeah. So proud.

Lori: Also, Leni did something so impressive too!

Lisa: Really?

Lori: Yep. She texted me that she got engaged! TO CHAZ!

Lisa yawned.

Lisa: Nice. Congratulations.

Lori: You don't sound too happy, Lisa. What's wrong?

Lisa: It's this dumb anniversary dinner. Why couldn't you simpletons go somewhere else?!

Lori: Well, it's not my fault Bobby's never been to this place!

Lisa: It was supposed to be a PRIVATE anniversary dinner for ME and HUGH. And only me and Hugh.

Lori: Well, it's not my fault. Well-

Lori took a deep breath.

Lori: You can have your time here alone. Come on, Boo-boo Bear.

Bobby got up and Lori grabbed Bobby's hand.

They walked out of the restaurant.

Hugh: While that wasn't how I envisioned this anniversary dinner, it was kinda neat having Lori and Bobby here.

Lisa: Was it?

Hugh: Oh heck no. They ruined it all for us!

Lisa: Right!? But at least you're here with me.

Hugh: I know!

They hugged and kissed.