The transcript for Happy Loudsgiving!.


On Thanksgiving, Lisa received an e-mail from Lola, who is inviting the entire family to her house for Thanksgiving.

Hugh came in.

Hugh: So will we go? I already invited my family over for Thanksgiving and I bet my sisters would get along well with your siblings.

Lisa: Yeah. You told me a lot about them. They sound really cool.

Hugh: Cool...isn't the exact word I was looking for. But I will totally invite them all. My parents too, since I heard they had a lonely Thanksgiving ever since Alicia was the last one to move out.

Lisa: I'd love to finally meet them.

Hugh Jr and Alicia entered.

Hugh Jr: Dad, YOU have 10 siblings too?

Hugh: Yep, all 10 of my sisters will come for Thanksgiving.

Lisa: Yep, you two ready to go to your aunt Lola's?

Alicia: I certainly am!

Hugh Jr: Me too!

Lisa: Good. Let's hit the road.

Lisa, Hugh, Hugh Jr and Alicia hopped in their car and rode off to Lola's mansion.

Moments later, they reached Lola's mansion.

Lola was by the front door.

Lola: Lisa, I didn't expect to see you here.

Lisa: And miss the Loud family Thanksgiving? No way.

Hugh: And Lola, if you don't mind, I invited my family over. They should be here any moment.

Lola: Whatever. Just come inside.

Lisa and her family went inside.

All of Lisa's siblings were sitting on the couch. Rita, Lynn Sr, Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Ryan, Lucas, Lonnie, and Ashley were also there.

The doorbell rang.

Hugh: That must be my family!

Hugh opened the door. He looked disappointed as it wasn't them.

Ronnie Anne: Mom!

Maria: Hey, mi-ha!

Carlota: And you look just fantastic, cousin!

Ronnie Anne: Heh, well I have learned from the best from all those years in the bodega with you.

CJ: Oh, look. Lincoln and Lori are here!

Lincoln: Hey, CJ. How's it been?

CJ: I wrote a children's book.

CJ held up a picture book.

Lincoln: That's amazing!

Carl came behind Lori and Bobby.

Carl: So, looks like Lori, my beautiful gazelle, went for my cousin. Remind me if you want some Carl.

Frida Puga: Family photo time!

Lisa: Well, that's very nice of you, but-

Carlitos: Mom, take the picture!

Carlos was reading a book and looked up.

Carlos: Wait. I'm in the middle of this interesting read on gray dolphins.

Rosa: I can make the meal for everyone.

Lola: Thank you. But I already spent three days preparing it.

Lana: More like her chef made it all for her.

Lola: Nuh-uh! I actually made it all. Paolo quit.

Lisa: If you say so.

Hector: Well, I brought some goods from the bodega that everyone can purchase.

Lisa: Thanks, but-

The doorbell rang again.

Hugh: I know who that is.

Hugh grinned and opened the door.

Hugh's parents entered.

Hugh: Mom! Dad!

Hannah: Hugh! How's my big boy!

Aaron: Lemme meet the wife you told us about!

Lisa came to the door.

Lisa: Greetings. You must be Hugh's parents.

Hannah: That we are.

Lisa: And where are Hugh's sisters I've heard so much about?

Alana came in with 9 other women.

Alana: We're right here.

All of Hugh's sisters came in.

Lisa: So, let me make sure I got this right...

Lisa pointed to Alana.

Lisa: You must be Alana...

Alana nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Alana.

Lisa: You're Amanda...

Amanda nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Amanda.

Lisa: You're Angela...

Angela nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Angela.

Lisa: You're Abby...

Abby nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Abby.

Lisa: You must be Anna...

Anna nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Anna.

Lisa: You might be Alison...

Alison nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Alison.

Lisa: You must be Ashley...

Ashley nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Ashley.

Lisa: You must be Audrey...

Audrey nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Audrey.

Lisa: You must be Amber...

Amber nodded.

Lisa pointed to the sister next to Amber.

Lisa: And finally, you're Alicia...right?

Alicia nodded.

Hugh: Wow, Lisa. I'm impressed. Looks like you HAVE been listening to me.

Lisa: Of course I've been!

Lola: Okay, now that everyone's here...we should eat.

Lola led everyone to the dining room table.

Lola: Okay, now I need everyone to help me carry stuff to the table.

Everyone followed Lola's lead and carried all the food to the table.

Lola: Okay. Dig in...carefully. And neatly. Hello, this is a million-dollar table!

Lana ignored Lola's tip and put her muddy hand in the mashed potatoes and splattered it over the table as she ate it.

Lola: EW! Lana, have a little class!

Lisa: Yeah, I guess our dinner is now ruined. Thanks a lot, Lana.

Hugh: I wouldn't say it's ruined. The turkey's still good.

Lana grabbed the turkey and began eating it.

Lola: I am THIS close to kicking you out, Lana.

Lana belched.

Lana: Sorry. You know Thanksgiving unleashes the animal in me.

Lola: Well, unleash it somewhere else!

Lisa: You know, I might have a solution for this disastrous turn of events.

Lisa got out her patented spray on food.

Lola: EW! No way are we going to eat a Thanksgiving feast in a can!

Lisa sprayed the dining room table.

Instantly, there was a huge turkey, mounds of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sweet potatoes joined together with gravy drizzled all over it with marshmallows in the sweet potatoes, and finally, an assortment of pies, a pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and chocolate cream pie.

Rita: Wow Lisa, that was really impressive.

Alicia: Hugh, I never would have guessed that your wife could do something so...remarkable.

Hugh: I'm pretty surprised that you didn't think of it first.

Lynn: We should dig in! I got the game to watch in a few hours!

Lincoln: This is amazing.

Lana: I promise I won't wreck this meal!

Lola: Like I'm so sure. Lana, you say that now, but-

Lynn Sr: Well, I think it looks good. You ready everyone?

Everyone cheered.

Lola: Hang on. Normally we all say grace. Remember?

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa: Really? I have something better instead.

Hugh: Let's hear it.

Lisa: Well, maybe instead of saying stuff we don't mean, we could share our deepest, darkest secrets and be real and honest with each other.

Lisa paused.

Lisa: I'll start. Lana, you eat like a pig and you constantly make me and everyone else feel uncomfortable.

Lana: Well Lisa...I hate to say it, but you're an insufferable know it all!

Hugh Jr: Well Alicia, you never take consideration of what I'm into!

Alicia: I can't help it, but your science stuff is lame.

Hugh: I dunno about this, Lisa. But what the heck?

Hugh turned to all his sisters.

Hugh: I only invited you over to make you miserable.

Alana didn't look up from her phone.

Hugh: I mean...Alana, you ALWAYS are absorbed in that dang phone!

Hugh looked at Amanda.

Hugh: And although you're a so-called "famous artist," you're no good.

Hugh looked at Angela.

Hugh: Your sports talk makes me sick.

Hugh looked at Abby.

Hugh: So does your vampire talk. I mean, come on!

Hugh looked at Anna.

Hugh: Safe to say, while you didn't annoy me too much, you still need to let some things go. I'm well aware you hired a cute looking tutor so I'd fall for her so you'd be able to pass summer school. And your video games are dull. They'll never sell.

Hugh looked at Alison.

Hugh: And Alison, your jokes aren't funny. Your pranks are droll. You don't have what it takes to be a good comedian.

Hugh looked at Ashley.

Hugh: And Ashley, you must know that giving me mud through the mail for my wedding present isn't cool. Also, on my 18th birthday, you did the same thing. That's partly why I moved to Royal Woods.

Hugh looked at Audrey.

Hugh: And Audrey. You're mean, selfish, vile, and despicable. You have no friends and you've always wondered why. It's because you always bully everyone!

Hugh looked at Amber.

Hugh: Amber, let's just're not talented. You stink at rapping, your A-Capella isn't good either, you don't have the right look for a star, you can't dance. And let's just say...Katy Perry will NEVER ask you to join her on tour.

Hugh looked at Alicia.

Hugh: You were always the sister I liked. You never had any of that, well...uncouthness the other girls always displayed. I named my daughter after you and I always thought you were very special. I waited all my childhood for a sister like you and when I was 15, I finally got you. Thank you.

Hugh smiled at Alicia.

Audrey: Wait a minute, Hugh. WHY do you praise Alicia?

Hugh: She's smart, nice, and a good girl.

Hannah: Man, this arguing is getting to be too much. Let's just eat now.

Lisa: Hmm...what the heck? I was kind of bored now anyways.

Lucy: Wait. I haven't been entirely honest with any of you.

Lucy sighed.

Lucy: Silas and I got engaged.

Ryan left the room furious.

Lucy: Wait...hang on.

Lucy left the room.

Ryan was crying in Winston's old room.

Lucy came in.

Ryan: Mom. Why'd you have to get engaged to Silas? I wanted you and Dad to get back together again.

Lucy: Well, Silas is the guy I fell for since I was 8. I fell for your dad, too. But quite frankly, that was only because of his looks. Believe it or not, your dad was quite the hunk as a kid.

Ryan: Gross...I didn't need to know that.

Lucy: Well, even though me and your dad aren't together, you still have a family. Also, I feel it's best if you live with your dad. I feel I caused you enough stress.

Ryan: Yeah, that's not going to work for me. I am so close to having Alicia be my girlfriend.

Lucy: That will never happen. And you know it. You're living with your dad. End of discussion.

Ryan: Ugh...fine.

They went back into the dining room.

Lucy: And now I have more news.

Lucy sighed.

Lucy: Ryan will be living with his dad from now on after this meal.

Lisa: Yeah, I don't care about any of that.

Leni: I'm confused. Who's his dad?

Lori: Duh, it's obviously Rocky, Leni.

Lucas: So does this mean we won't live near each other anymore, buddy?

Ryan: I'm afraid not.

Lucy: But you two can see each other on weekends.

Alicia: So does this mean that Ryan won't be in my class anymore?

Lucy: He'll still go to school with you.

Alicia: Ah nuts.

Ashley: Don't worry, girl. I'll protect you like I'll do every year.

Lincoln: And to change the subject, does anyone even remember the first Thanksgiving the entire family came?

Lisa: Oh yeah. Hugh Jr told me about a new friend he made then.

Lonnie: Yeah, that's me. Dad told me that Hugh Jr was at the Thanksgiving feast way before he came to my middle school.

Hugh Jr: I'm sorry if I didn't recognize you.

Lonnie: It's okay. I didn't really recognize you either. You grew up so much.

Hugh Jr: Why thank you.

Hugh: And about earlier, I'm sorry if I tried to start a fight with you guys.

Hugh pointed to his sisters.

Alana: It's okay. We admit our flaws.

Amanda: We own them.

Angela: We try to improve, though.

Abby: But it's even harder now.

Anna: Yeah, we're not little kids who you can just scold and teach anymore.

Alison: Let's just say...we've all developed quite a ROCK brain, too.

Hugh and his sisters groaned.

Alison: What? I ran out of material!

Ashley: Yeah, we forgive you, Hugh.

Audrey: Psfh. I don't.

Amber: Well, I do.

Alicia: Hugh was never mean to ME!

Audrey: We get that.

Lori: And surely everyone by now knows how Bobby Boo-boo Bear and I first met.

Bobby: Babe, you told this story dozens of times.

Lisa: Yeah, it's getting annoying.

Lori: Ugh, fine. Whatever.

Luan: Well, this just got gawkward.

Lisa: Lame.

Luan: No. That was genius.

Luna: Well, clearly my songs are more genius. Mind if I sing one?

Lily: Please don't.

Lisa: Yeah. Tinnitus at thank you.

Luna: Whatever, dudes and dudettes. Your loss.

An hour passed and everyone ate the meal.

It was about time for everyone to head out.

Lisa: Lola, let me help you.

Lola: Th-thanks, Lisa.

Lisa: No problem.

Lisa began cleaning up everything.

Lola: This isn't any of your usual tricks, is it?

Lisa: No. I love you, Lola. I never say it much, but you're an amazing sister.

Lola: Thanks Lisa!

She hugged Lisa.

Moments later, Lisa and her family left.

Hugh Jr: Mom, did you mean any of that?

Lisa: Nah. I just wanted your aunt Lola to be happy so she won't suspect the next time I ruin her.

Hugh Jr: Ah.

Hugh: Well, I'm quite stuffed.

Lisa: Yep. It's safe to say...we all had fun today.