Hugh Lawson is a main character in Loud House: Next Generation. He is Lisa's husband.


Hugh is the first born of many sisters. He resided in England for all of his childhood. He used to manipulate his sisters much like Lisa's done to her siblings. At 18, Hugh moved to Royal Woods and went to the community college and was Lincoln's tutor. All the Loud sisters fell in love with him, especially Lisa. He started having feelings for Lisa, too, but didn't tell her until she reached college age. He started working as a college professor after graduating from college. He and Lisa got married and had Hugh Jr and Alicia years later.


Hugh is a very charming, polite young man. He is very sophisticated, intelligent, and kind. He isn't always knowledgeable about Lisa's schemes, yet he is there for Lisa no matter what. He is quite the girl magnet, and was more so when he was younger.


Hugh is a tall, very handsome man with wavy brown hair. He commonly wears a pink button up shirt with khaki pants and white sneakers or a pink jacket, blue button up shirt, grey pants, and white sneakers. He is usually seen smiling a lot.

At age 19, Hugh looked pretty much the same. He commonly wore a pink button up shirt with a blue sweater tied over it, khaki pants, and brown dress shoes.



  • He used to be terrified of Lisa and her sisters.
  • He is very hunky and good looking.
  • He speaks in a British accent.
  • Lisa usually loved him for more than just his looks, whereas that's all her sisters could care about.
  • He is very charming and polite.
  • He gets jealous of Lisa's ex-crush, David.
  • He doesn't like much chocolate.
  • He is much older than Lisa.
    • Despite that, they still got married.
  • He had a very small role in the original series.
  • He is the oldest and the only boy in a house with 10 sisters, similar to Lincoln.


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