Hugh Lawson Jr is the deuteragonist of Loud House: Next Generation. He is Lisa's son.


Hugh Jr became a genius due to Lisa reading a lot of complex books to him when she was pregnant with him. He has always impressed Lisa with his mind. He graduated from elementary school before the series began and started middle school, despite being only 8 years old.


Hugh Jr takes after his mother quite a bit. He is very smart, kind, and shy. He doesn't have the same scheming mind that his mother does, yet she always ropes him in her schemes. He doesn't have much of the mad scientist mind that his mother has, either, and instead prefers to read than do experiments.


Hugh Jr is a short young boy with layered brown hair. He wears glasses and has an overbite. He commonly wears a blue button up shirt with a red tie, brown cropped pants with light blue socks and brown dress shoes. He commonly has a neutral expression, much like his mother.



  • He inherited his smarts from Lisa.
  • His appearance bears a resemblance to smart kid, Menlo, in Recess.
    • And also Levi, Lisa's genderbent counterpart.
  • He went to college once.
  • He speaks in a slight lisp like Lisa.
  • He was a very cute baby.
  • He relies more on Lisa.
  • His favorite color is green, like Lisa.
  • He is pretty shy.
  • He is a bookworm, as he is always seen reading.


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