The transcript for Hugh Jr Stands Up.


Hugh Jr was at school by his locker.

Chad went up to him.

Chad: Hugh Jr, you look like a nerd.

Hugh Jr: What are you talking about now? I thought you said that I'm cool.

Chad laughed in Hugh Jr's face.

Chad: NO! You're a dork! Everyone knows it!

Hugh Jr: Stop it! I thought we were friends!

Chad: We were never friends!

Chad walked away.

Hugh Jr began to cry.

Moments later, Hugh Jr was in his science class.

David was instructing the class on atoms.

Chad was behind Hugh Jr kicking the back of his seat.

Hugh Jr turned around.

Hugh Jr: Will you STOP that?

Chad smirked.

David came up to them.

David: Is there a problem?

Hugh Jr and Chad (in unison): Not at all, Mr. Miller.

David: Good.

David resumed teaching.

Moments later, class was over.

Hugh Jr went up to David.

Hugh Jr: Actually, there was something wrong.

David: What?

Hugh Jr: Chad KEEPS bullying me!

David: Chad? I thought you guys were friends.

Hugh Jr: More like EX-friends.

David: Aw. I see what's going on. I'll have a word with Chad.

Hugh Jr: You will?

David: Yeah! No one picks on my best friend's son and gets away with it!

Hugh Jr: Thanks, David.

David: No problem.

Hugh Jr left.

An hour later, David pulled Chad aside.

David: Chad, we need to talk.

Chad: What did I do now?

David: You keep bullying Hugh Jr!

Chad: So? That nerd deserved it!

David: Hmmm...this sorta reminds me of something called Darcy.

Chad: You were picked on by a girl?

Chad laughed.

David: No! I picked on her.

David muttered.

David: And I still do.

Chad: Oookay...and about me?

David: Oh. Right. You've GOT to stop picking on Hugh Jr, though. He's NOT Darcy. And he deserves a good loyal friend.

Chad: Ugh...okay.

Chad walked away.

David: I think I got through to that kid.

Meanwhile, in gym class...

Hugh Jr was talking to Lynn.

Hugh Jr: And Chad just starts picking on me for no reason. And we're best friends! Or so I thought.

Lynn: You shouldn't take his crud. If I were you, I'd show him who's boss and stand up for yourself.

Hugh Jr: How do I do that?

Lynn: You stand firm. Say, "I'm sick of you bullying me." Then maybe give him a thumbs down if he says something mean in response.

Hugh Jr: Thank you, Lynn.

Lynn: Hey. No problem. If any punk picks on my nephew, they'll have it coming.

An hour later, Chad and Hugh Jr were in art class.

Chad still wouldn't leave Hugh Jr alone.

Chad made a disfigured picture of Hugh Jr.

Chad: This is you.

He showed the drawing to Hugh Jr.

Hugh Jr: Cut it out!

He jumped on top of Chad and took the picture.

He began ripping it up with Chad still pinned down.

Lily came over and intervened.

Lily: You boys get off of each other and work it out!

Hugh Jr and Chad got up.

Lily: Now say to the whole class what you guys were fighting about.

Hugh Jr: I'm not doing that.

Chad: Yeah. I have my rep to protect.

Lily: Do it. Or you both get detention.

Chad: Oh alright.

Chad turned to the class.

Chad: Hugh Jr's a little nerd!

The entire class gasped.

Hugh Jr: Well, Chad here keeps picking on me for no reason!

The entire class gasped again.

Lily: Good. Now hug and make up.

Chad: No way!

Hugh Jr: Not a chance!

Lily: Just do it!

The bell rang.

Hugh Jr: Oh, what's that? Class is over. Time to go home.

Chad: Yeah. Away from you nerds as much as possible.

They both left.

Meanwhile, at Clyde's house...

Chad arrived home.

Clyde: was it?

Chad: Oh. Hugh Jr's such a little nerd. So, I showed him something or two.

Clyde looked confused.

Clyde: Riiight...well, dinner's almost ready.

Meanwhile, at Lisa's house...

Lisa and Hugh were watching a movie.

Hugh Jr entered.

He started crying.

Lisa: What's wrong?

Hugh Jr: Chad. He keeps picking on me.

Hugh: Why? I thought you guys were friends.

Hugh Jr: That's what David said. I know. I can't believe it either.

Lisa: I'm giving Clyde a call. You two need to work this out.

Hugh Jr: Also what aunt Lily said. I don't think I can.

Hugh: Then you need to stand up to him. He can't get away with treating you like this.

Hugh Jr: That's what aunt Lynn said. That only made things worse.

Lisa: Well, I just texted Clyde. He should be here momentarily with Chad.

Hugh Jr: Great.

Moments later, Clyde and Chad entered.

Clyde: Chad, say you're sorry.

Chad: Ugh. Fine, Clyde. Whatever gets you off my back.

Clyde: You know it's dad to you. Now apologize.

Chad: Fine.

Chad went up to Hugh Jr.

Chad: I'm sorry, okay.

Hugh Jr: Why don't I believe you?

Chad turned to Clyde.

Chad: See?

Hugh Jr: If you were really sorry, you'd stop calling me a nerd and picking on me.

Chad: Okay, fine! I won't do that anymore. I...I...just think you're pretty cool.

Hugh Jr: But you keep degrading me.

Chad: I'm sorry about that.

Hugh Jr: We're cool, right?

Chad: Yeah. Friends again?

Hugh Jr: Yes. Friends again.

They fist bumped while Lisa, Hugh, and Clyde all smiled.