Lana Loud is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Lana has always been a tomboy who loves getting dirty. She was knowledgeable about fixing things at a young age. She and Lola have always got along pretty well, even if they do fight a lot. She has had some questionable eating habits, but she toned it down a bit as she got older. She fixed bikes in high school, then later became a car mechanic in her 20's.


Lana is your typical tomboy. She loves the mud, dirt, bugs, and collecting reptiles. She always eats weird cuisines, even "food" that isn't food, like snot. She, however, grew out of her more bizarre traits, like never bathing and rolling around in the mud. She is, however, very nice and loyal to all her siblings.


Lana is a tall woman with short blonde hair with bangs. She commonly wears blue overalls with a blue tee shirt, and white sneakers.

At 6, Lana commonly put her hair in pigtails and wore a red baseball cap. Her front teeth were missing. She commonly wore blue overalls with a blue tee shirt, and white sneakers.



  • Lana is the grossest Loud sibling.
  • She is knowledgeable about reptiles and other animals.
  • She has a rat collection.
  • She loves the mud and reptiles.
  • She works as a car mechanic.
  • She doesn't have the potential to be girly, like her other sisters.
  • She loves farts.
  • She can be very naive sometimes.
  • She eats weird things, such as expired foods, her boogers, mud, and poop.
    • Despite this, she never gets sick except in the episode, Sick Day.
  • As a teen, Lana was slightly girlier due to a makeover from Lisa and Lola.


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