Leni Loud is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Leni was never the brightest sibling. She almost failed elementary school, but with tutoring from Lori, she passed. At 16, she started learning how to drive, but failed every time and was more absorbed with her looks than her schoolwork. She ended up not going to college or getting married since she couldn't get accepted in college and preferred to date many different guys. She did, however, get accepted into a fashion design school which she excelled at.


Leni is very flighty and ditzy. She is gullible, and always falls for Lisa's tricks. She is obsessed with the mall and shopping. She is very girly and loves to wear the latest fashions. Despite this, she is very sweet and friendly and a loyal sibling to her siblings.


Leni is a tall woman with long, blonde hair. She commonly wears pink lipstick, hot pink hoop earrings, a teal dress with a teal and pink belt, hot pink bangles, pink knee socks, and white heels.

At 16, Leni had the same long, blonde hair. She frequently wore white sunglasses with pink hoop earrings, a white ruffled teal dress, and teal sandals.



  • She is the dumbest Loud sibling.
    • Despite that, she knows how to sew very well.
  • She is a famous fashion designer.
  • She loves the mall, almost to the point of obsession.
  • She has multiple boyfriends, none of whom are brilliant.
  • She can be very naive at times.
  • Lisa is frequently annoyed by her.
  • She hates learning.
  • She's never read a book.
  • She is very good at social media connections.
  • She is very popular, as she has a ton of Twitter followers.
  • She is slightly promiscuous, yet she has dignity.
  • She is very similar to Darcy.
  • Lisa frequently tricks her.


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