Lily Loud is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Lily was a very cute baby who pooped in her diaper frequently. She later grew up to be like all her siblings combined. She has always been closest to Lisa, who used to share a room with her. Lily never got married, instead she went to college for a lengthy period of time, and then eventually settled down to teach art and music at the local middle school. She has received a lot of hand-me down clothes from her older siblings, which she didn't mind.


Lily is like all her siblings combined. While she isn't as smart as Lisa, she is still pretty bright, yet has her flighty moments like Leni. She also has a similar interest in fashion like Lola and Leni, but also has her tomboyish side like Lana. She likes comic books like Lincoln, but is super mysterious like Lucy. She likes sports like Lynn, but also likes music like Luna. She is also tech savvy like Lori, but has her funny moments like Luan. She is very sweet and loyal to all her siblings.


Lily is a tall woman with short blonde hair with side-swept bangs. She commonly wears red hoop earrings, pink lipstick, a light blue turtleneck sweater similar to Lisa’s, a pink plaid skirt, black and white striped knee socks, and orange shoes with green flowers.

As a baby, Lily had short puffed up hair, an overbite, and commonly wore just a diaper and carried around her lavender blankie.



  • Lily was a very cute baby.
  • She used to poop in her diaper frequently, as a baby.
  • She and Lisa used to share a room.
  • The sibling she's closest to is Lisa.
  • She used to always carry around a purple blanket.
    • Lisa shredded it when they were younger.
  • Lily matches the personality of all 10 of her siblings.
  • Her clothes match her siblings' styles.
  • She is very friendly.
  • Lisa always did poop studies on Lily as a kid.
  • Lily once swore in the Loud House episode, Potty Mouth.
  • She is very smart, yet not as smart as Lisa.


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