Lincoln Loud is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. He is Lisa's brother.


Lincoln was born in the president's limo, but that was kept a secret for a long time. At first, Lincoln was disappointed about being the only boy in a house full of girls, but he eventually got used to it. He first met Clyde, his best friend, when he was in kindergarten. At 12 years old, Lincoln discovered his talent for animation and started his own mini comic book, which he later got published after high school. Since then, he has been making a comic book series about his life with 10 sisters.


Lincoln is a good brother to all of his sisters, yet has his selfish moments. He is a loyal friend to Clyde. Although he can overreact and act impulsively, he is level-headed and mature. Like Lisa, he schemes a lot, but more to help the family than for his own amusement or his own selfish purposes. He was the smartest sibling before Lisa was born, but still doesn't have much smarts.


Lincoln is a tall man with white hair that he inherited from his grandpa, freckles, and an overbite. He commonly wears an orange polo shirt with a black tie, a blue jacket, brown pants, and white and red striped sneakers.

At 11, he looked rather similar. He commonly wore an orange polo shirt, blue jeans, and white and red striped sneakers.



  • He was the main character in the Loud House.
  • He is a good cartoonist.
  • He is working on comic books about his childhood.
  • He loves superheroes.
  • He can be very obnoxious at times.
  • He was the smartest Loud sibling before Lisa was born.
  • At 11, he once dated Darcy's sister, Jenni.
    • Lisa later split them up.


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