The transcript for Lisa & Darcy.


Lisa walked to Darcy and David's house.

Lisa: Perfect. Another day to scheme with David.

Lisa rang the doorbell.

David answered it.

David: Greetings! What brings you here, Lisa?

Lisa: Well, I think we should discuss this in private. You know, in case Darcy shows up.

David: Well, Darcy's out selling houses again. So, we should be able to talk before she shows up.

Lisa grinned.

Lisa: Perfect. So, as you may know, Darcy's annoyances keep continuing.

David: I am aware. Last night Darcy still keeps asking me about having kids. I couldn't say yes. Clearly Darcy won't ever rest until she gets her way.

Lisa: Which is why I had an idea. Maybe we just pretend to give Darcy what she wants and then later take it all away from her. She'll be miserable and we won't have to deal with her inane requests.

David: Splendid! How are we going to do that?

Lisa smirked.

Lisa: Leave that to me.

An hour later, Darcy arrived home.

Darcy: Lisa! I didn't expect you here! What's up?

Lisa: I have something I think you'll love.

Lisa held up a very realistic looking baby girl. Really, it was a baby simulator that Lisa designed.

Darcy gasped.

Darcy: You're telling me that David was able to adopt a child in an hour? This is amazing!

David: Yep. I went to the Great Lakes City foster home and adopted a child. I knew you'd love it.

Darcy hugged David.

Darcy: Yes! I do! Thank you!

Lisa: And to make things even better-

Lisa held up a stuffed giraffe toy.

Darcy gasped.

Darcy: RAFFO! I thought I lost you years ago!

Lisa held up the plush toy.

Lisa (in a deep voice): Yes. It's your old friend, Raffo.

Darcy: This is WONDERFUL!

David: And best of all, I have a little surprise for you.

David held up two tickets to a romantic movie.

Darcy gasped.

Darcy: Love meets World!? I LOVE that movie! Thanks David!

Darcy cheerfully skipped to her room.

David: Wait till Darcy finds out these tickets are fake.

Lisa: Yep. And wait till she finds out that the baby isn't real too.

David: She will when she tries to bathe it.

Lisa and David laughed evilly.

Lisa: This was fun.

David: Yeah. But Darcy wants to go see the new movie so I'm off to see her dream die. Would you like to join us?

Lisa: Of course.

Moments later, Darcy and David were at the Royal Woods movie theater.

Lisa secretly followed them.

Darcy: This is amazing! Just the two of us seeing Love meets World! Just an innocent tale on a science whiz who falls in love with a simple small-town girl. That's so us!

David: Yeah it is.

David handed the tickets to the usher.

David: Here are the tickets for Love meets World.

Usher: I'm sorry sir. These tickets are fake.

Darcy: Wait...what?

David: You must be mistaken. I got these from a raffle.

Usher: Well, I'm sorry. You'll have to come with me.

David: But Darcy actually owns the tickets.

David pushed Darcy in front of him.

Usher: She does?

David: Yeah. She loves the movie so much that well, she decided it would be fun to make her own tickets from scratch. She figured that she'd make two tickets so that she and I could go on a romantic date. Isn't that adorable? But please. I'm innocent.

Usher: Well, okay. Darcy, you're coming with me.

Darcy tried escaping.

Usher: Security!

2 burly looking men lifted up Darcy and dragged her out of the room.

Through the window, Darcy was in tears and miserable.

Darcy: But I didn't do it. But I didn't do it.

Lisa came out from her hiding spot.

Lisa: Nice work, David.

David: I know. She should be in there for a while. Let's go to my place and mess with the giraffe toy and the fake baby!

Lisa: You said it!

Lisa and David arrived to David's house.

Lisa grabbed the stuffed giraffe toy and chucked it in the oven.

She baked it for 20 minutes.

The giraffe was all burned and ashy.

David grabbed the fake baby and put it in the kitchen sink and turned the water on.

The baby malfunctioned and shorted out.

Lisa: Well that was fun. What next?

David: We wait.

An hour later, Darcy made it home.

Darcy saw the giraffe toy and baby in ruin.

Darcy: WHY? What happened to Raffo? My kid! Penelope was the greatest!

David: Well, Raffo got wet, so I blow dried him. I had no idea that he'd be burned to a crisp.

Lisa: And as for Penelope...well, she's allergic to water.

Darcy touched the fake baby.

Darcy's hand got a small shock.

Darcy: Ow! This isn't a real baby. Wait...I don't understand.

Darcy burst into tears.

Darcy: All my life I wanted to be a mother. I thought getting married will make that happen. I found David, the best husband ever. And, and, and-

Darcy cried some more.

Darcy: I never thought this could actually happen.

Darcy fell down and sobbed some more.

Lisa and David went out to the hall.

Lisa: I guess our work is done.

David: Pleasure working with you.

Lisa: As it is working with you.

Lisa left.

Darcy stopped sobbing.

Darcy: What was that about?

David: I don't know, honey. Now let's just relax.

David and Darcy lied down on the couch.