Lisa Marie Lawson (née Loud) is the main protagonist of Loud House: Next Generation. She is now a mom with two kids and married to Hugh, her long time crush.


Lisa was always a genius, even as a baby. At 4, she was remarkably smart. She met David, Darcy, and her husband, Hugh at age 4, as well. She attended college early at age 16. She got engaged to Hugh at age 19, and married him at age 25. They then had Hugh Jr, then Alicia a little later.


Lisa is a very smart woman. She can invent anything and is very skilled at science. She would do anything for science, even if it means invasive experiments. She is very nice, but has her cruel and manipulative side, especially around her siblings and Darcy. She has her caring side, especially around her kids, but is usually selfish around her siblings.


Lisa is a tall, curvy woman with chin-length, layered brown hair. She wears glasses, and usually has a neutral expression. She commonly wears a green three-quarter sleeved turtleneck with magenta capri's and brown heeled shoes. She wears magenta earrings, red lipstick, a red and white beaded friendship bracelet from Darcy on her right hand, and her wedding ring on her left hand.

At age 4, she still had her signature hair and glasses. She commonly wore a green turtleneck with magenta pants, and brown shoes. She also usually had a neutral expression.



  • Lisa is the smartest of her siblings.
  • Sometimes she can be bossy, but she means well.
  • She loves chocolate.
  • As revealed in the Loud House, she was bald with dentures.
    • She eventually fixed it with a medicine.
  • She always works hard.
  • She has a maniacal, evil, and manipulative side, yet she's really sweet.
  • She gets annoyed with her siblings.
  • She's incredibly loyal.
  • Lisa has been smart all her life; even as a baby.
  • She used to do poop studies as a kid, but later outgrew it.
  • She is into West Coast Rap and can be seen listening to it sometimes.


Lisa appears in every episode.