Lola Milbourne (née Loud) is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Lola has always been very girly and pampered. She is quite the opposite of her tomboyish twin sister, Lana. She started doing beauty pageants at a very young age. Later on, though, Lola was head cheerleader in middle and high school, replacing doing beauty pageants. She went to college for a little while just to become a sorority girl, but later dropped out. Since then, she has been making lots of money modeling pageant gowns. She married Winston, her childhood crush, and had her daughter, Ashley, a few years later. She and Winston later divorced.


Lola is very much your typical princess. She is very girly, shallow, and materialistic. She is rich, but she is commonly very selfish with her money and rarely shares it. She is very demanding and rude, but ultimately is a good person. She likes having the latest styles and looks down on those who don't. She is also a notorious tattletale, though she grew out of that to a degree. She also likes to gossip a lot, much to her siblings' anger.


Lola is a tall woman with long blonde hair. She commonly wears a tiara, blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick, white pearl earrings, a pink tank top with a magenta boa scarf, white pearl bracelets, a magenta miniskirt, and pink heels.

At 6, she looked pretty similar, except she had two missing teeth in the front. She commonly wore a tiara with white pearl earrings, a white pearl necklace, a long, flowing pink pageant dress with a pink sash and pink gloves.



  • She is very rich.
  • She is also very bossy, like Lori.
  • Her ex-husband is Winston.
  • She lies sometimes, especially to get Lisa in trouble.
  • She can be very manipulative.
  • She is almost like a younger Leni and Lori combined.
  • She hates getting dirty.
  • Lola is very self-centered.


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