Lonnie Loud is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's daughter.


Lonnie was born by Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. She has always been very social and friendly. She first met Hugh Jr on their first Thanksgiving together, yet they didn't recognize each other when Hugh Jr started at Lonnie's middle school.


Lonnie is a very friendly, popular girl. She has many friends, but only wanted to get to know Hugh Jr more. She is very tech savvy and has multiple followers. She takes after both her dad and mom. She is very loyal and kind. She is pretty tough like her mom, but sensitive like her dad. She is pretty girly, but has her tomboyish side.


Lonnie is a petite, medium skinned girl with long white hair that she wears in a ponytail, freckles, and an overbite. She commonly wears an orange turtleneck, a purple skirt, blue knee socks, and grey flats.


  • Lonnie is the coolest girl in Hugh Jr's school.
  • She has many friends, but her closest friend is Hugh Jr.
  • She is very similar to both of her parents.
  • She is very kind.


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