Lori Santiago (née Loud) is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Lori had a pretty quiet life, until she got more and more siblings. She met Bobby, her husband, at 11, and started dating him at 15. She has always been supportive to her younger siblings, even if she is very bossy. She got married to Bobby at 23, and had Lucas many years later after a quiet marriage traveling around the world.


Lori is a very complex woman. Before Lisa and Lincoln were even born, Lori was the smartest Loud sibling, even if she wasn't always too smart. She is pretty bossy towards her younger siblings, yet cares for them no matter what. She is always seen on her phone and is quite tech savvy, even keeping up with the new tech that her son likes.


Lori is a tall, curvy woman with shoulder length blonde hair without bangs. She commonly wears a blue tank top, brown skirt, blue heels, white dangled pearl earrings, red lipstick, and blue eyeshadow.

At 17, Lori kept her hair in a similar style, but with bangs. She commonly wore a blue tank top, brown shorts, blue flats, blue eyeshadow and white dangled pearl earrings.



  • Lori is a teacher at Alicia's school.
  • Clyde has a huge crush on her.
  • She says the word, "literally", a lot.
  • She is very bossy, but hates it when others (like Lisa) take charge.
  • She always buys the latest phones, then hands the older ones down to her younger siblings.
  • She is the oldest Loud sibling.


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