Loud Family Reunion is the 2nd episode of Loud House: Next Generation.


Lisa and her siblings get together for a family reunion. They reunite with their parents.

Character Appearances:

Lisa Loud


Hugh Jr


Lincoln Loud

Lola Loud

Lana Loud

Lily Loud

Lucy Loud

Luan Loud

Lori Loud

Lynn Loud

Luna Loud

Leni Loud

Rita Loud

Lynn Loud Sr


Loud Family Reunion/Transcript


  • Lisa gets annoyed by her siblings.
  • Lola almost disowned Lana for having a messy house.
  • In high school, Lisa and Lola gave Lana a makeover, which backfired.
  • Hugh Jr reveals an interest in comic books.
  • Lisa turned her and Hugh's room into a laboratory without him knowing.
  • Lisa's sisters are still obsessed with Hugh.