Loud House: Next Generation is the spinoff of the Loud House.


This is a series about Lisa Loud's future. She would be married to Hugh with 2 kids, genius Hugh Jr and cutie Alicia.

It would be about her, her siblings, and her kids' lives.

Lisa's future family

The main characters of Loud House: Next Generation. (left-right: Lisa, Hugh, Hugh Jr, and Alicia)




The main character of the series. Lisa is married to Hugh with 2 kids. She works as a doctor and scientist.


Lisa's husband. Hugh works as a college professor. He is very hunky and charming.

Hugh Jr

Lisa and Hugh's son. Hugh Jr is a genius, like his mother. He is 8 years old, but in middle school.


Lisa and Hugh's daughter. Alicia is very charming, like her father. She is 5 years old.



Lisa's friend. Darcy is loyal, yet doesn't know of Lisa's plans. She is also married to David. She works as a realtor, but is also Lisa's lab assistant.


Lisa's best friend. David is very smart and cunning like Lisa. He married Darcy. He works as a science and math teacher at Hugh Jr's middle school.


Lisa's younger sister. Lily isn't a baby anymore, and takes after all her older siblings. She works as a music/art teacher at Hugh Jr's middle school.


Lisa's older sister and twin of Lana. Lola is very girly, prissy, and bratty, much unlike Lana. She works as a pageant dress model, and is very wealthy.


Lisa's older sister and twin of Lola. Lana is very tomboyish, daring, and dirty, much unlike Lola. She works as a car mechanic.


Lisa's older sister. Lucy is very gothic, dreary, and mysterious. She works as a mortician.


Lisa's older brother. Lincoln is the only boy Loud sibling. He works as a comic book animator.


Lisa's older sister. Lynn is very athletic. She works as a gym teacher at Hugh Jr's middle school.


Lisa's older sister. Luan is the comedian of the Loud family. She works as a comedian in her own club, Luan Out Loud.


Lisa's older sister. Luna likes music, rocking out, and playing guitar. She works as a professional musician, touring with her idol, Mick Swagger.


Lisa's older sister. Leni is very clueless, ditzy, and naive. She works as a fashion designer.


Lisa's older sister. Lori is the oldest Loud sibling and is always seen on her phone. She works as an elementary school teacher in Alicia's school.



Lincoln's best friend. Clyde has an intense crush on Lori. He has 2 dads. He works as a comic book animator alongside Lincoln.


Lori's husband. Bobby is very loyal, and is always referred to as "Bobby Boo-Boo Bear" by Lori. He has many odd jobs around the community.

Ronnie Anne

Lincoln's wife. Ronnie Anne is very tough, yet motherly. She works as a waitress.

Rita & Lynn Sr

Lisa's parents. Rita & Lynn Sr are fair, yet stern. They are retired grandparents.


Lola's daughter. Ashley is very girly and prissy like her mother. She is Alicia's good friend.

Ryan & Lucas

Alicia's not-so secret admirers. Ryan is Lucy's son, and Lucas is Lori and Bobby's son. They admire everything about Alicia.


Clyde's son. Chad is a bully at Hugh Jr's school, frequently targeting Hugh Jr. He is very unfriendly.


Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's daughter. Lonnie is popular, tough, and friendly. She has a crush on Hugh Jr.



One of Hugh's sisters. Alana is similar to Leni and Lori combined. She is very superficial and ditzy, and she can always be seen on her phone. The family’s phone bill has gone up because of Alana’s constant texting. She is also the sister Hugh clashes with the most and is the sister Hugh has tricked the most. She currently works as a secretary since she loves talking on the phone.


One of Hugh's sisters. Amanda is similar to Lily. She loves art and is very creative and passionate. She can be slightly childish but she is very intelligent. As a baby, she had behaved most like younger Lily and had pooped a lot. She is currently a famous artist in England.


One of Hugh's sisters. Angela is similar to Lynn. She is very athletic and competitive. Her favorite sport is field hockey and she is very talented at it. She is very superstitious and she hates losing a game. She currently works as a gym teacher at Hugh's old high school.


One of Hugh's sisters. Abby is very similar to Lucy. She loves creepy, depressing things. She can be seen in all black and she is very melancholic and mysterious. She also likes poetry. She is currently a famous poet.


One of Hugh's sisters. Anna is similar to Lincoln. She loves collecting comic books and playing video games. She is very fond of zombies and superheroes. She can be somewhat manipulative and she sometimes clashes with Hugh because of that. She currently works as a video game creator.


One of Hugh's sisters. Alison is similar to Luan. She is always seen pranking her siblings and telling cheesy jokes. Her favorite holiday is April Fools day since she always pranks her family and friends then. She currently works as a stand-up comedian.


One of Hugh's sisters. Ashley is similar to Lana. She is a tomboy through and through and she enjoys getting dirty and roughhousing. She is the sister Hugh had tormented the most because of her gullible and naive personality. She currently works as a veterinarian.


One of Hugh's sisters. Audrey is similar to Lola. She is very mean and vindictive, but she has a sweet side. She loves fashion and frequently looks down her nose on last years trends. She frequently tattles on Hugh for torturing her and his other sisters. She currently is a rich socialite and in line for the Royal throne.


One of Hugh's sisters. Amber is similar to Luna, but unlike Luna, she loves all types of music. She can always be seen singing along to different songs, which drives Hugh crazy. She also aspired to be a famous singer, much like her idol, Katy Perry. She is a good dancer and singer. She also likes wearing glitzy clothes. She is currently a hip hop DJ and a top pop star.


One of Hugh's sisters. Alicia is similar to Lisa. She is smart, driven and focused. She is a math prodigy and enjoys writing a lot of math equations on the walls, much to her parents’ frustration. She is the sister who Hugh likes the most and torments the least. Hugh even named his daughter after Alicia. She currently works as an accountant.

Hannah and Aaron

Hugh's parents. Hannah and Aaron never suspected Hugh when he tricked his sisters. They both were very busy parents. They both had the same job, which was the Queen of England's accountants. Because of their high up jobs, Hugh and his sisters would frequently visit the queen.


One of David's siblings. Brittany is also really smart. She is very knowledgeable about art and history. She is always seen painting, drawing, and sculpting. She became a famous artist after high school.


One of David's siblings. Robert is also pretty smart. He knows a lot about cooking and he is always seen cooking extravagant meals. He became a professional chef when he graduated from high school.


One of David's siblings. Emma is also very smart. She is very into fashion, but also writing. She has a wonderful vocabulary and she can always be seen writing stories. She is a well known author.


One of David's siblings. Lizzie is also pretty bright. She is very into psychology and what goes on in the human brain. She is a therapist, helping emotionally challenged people and she knows what goes on in people's heads.


One of David's siblings. Henry is also very smart. He is very good at math and is an accountant. He is always seen with a calculator and he can even pay his parents' bills and taxes.


One of David's siblings. Like David, Greg is highly intelligent and loves science. He always teams up with David for numerous experiments. Greg and David are really close. He currently is a famous scientist discovering new planets and other discoveries.

Sarah and Todd

David's parents. Though they're mostly unaware of David's schemes on Darcy, Sarah and Todd are highly intelligent. Sarah worked as a doctor at the local hospital and Todd was a science teacher at Lori and Leni's former high school. They are both very good parents and they both believe education is very important for growing minds.


Darcy's older sister who is good friends with Lincoln. Jenni and Lincoln both used to date briefly in middle school, but Lisa had split them up due to the fact of disliking Darcy. Jenni is similar to Darcy, yet Jenni is smarter, cooler, and more popular, to which Darcy got jealous of sometimes. They both are very close regardless. Currently, Jenni works as a hairdresser.

Diana and Johnny

Darcy's parents. Diana and Johnny are very supportive of both of their daughters. They are smarter than Darcy, but they still have some naive moments. They worked alongside each other as real estate agents, and they even passed their job down to Darcy when they retired.


Lori's former rival and current best friend. Their former rivalry started when Carol beat Lori for homecoming queen. In a Loud House episode, Carol revealed she wasn't really as perfect as Lori made her out to be and they both became friends and have been good friends ever since. Carol is very girly, perky, and sweet and loves fashion, texting, and taking selfies, much like Lori. Currently, Carol can be seen as a clothing saleswoman in the Royal Woods Mall.


Leni's boyfriend and best friend. He is very similar to Leni in many ways. Though he's chubby and not conventionally attractive, Leni still loves him since they have a lot of common interests. It's implied that Chaz is Leni's new fiance in the end of season 2.


Luna's crush and best friend. She is into rock and roll like Luna and is even part of Luna's band that opens for Mick Swagger. She has a brother named Simon and is very energetic and friendly. She has a rock and roll style that's similar to Luna's style.


Luna's former roadie. Now he's working as Luna's bodyguard since Luna begged him to keep her safe from crazy fans. He had agreed to that and kept Luna safe ever since. Chunk is also a British fanatic, and can always bee seen imitating a British accent.


Luan's fiance. He is very funny and likes comedy like Luan. He is a screenplay writer and writes all the hit comedy films. He can be slightly insecure in his abilities with comedy and sometimes worries that others think he's unfunny. He and Luan are very close and have bonded over liking comedy and pranks.


Luan's best friend from clown college. They first met in clown camp when Luan was 12, and they've both been friends ever since. Giggles shares Luan's love for comedy and clowning. Now she is Luan's comedy assistant at her club.


Luan's friend, who had met Luan, when she performed for her 13th birthday party. Though Maggie is very different from Luan, being goth and emotional, she and Luan are still friends, despite rarely hanging out. Maggie currently works as an author, writing a series of horror stories.


Lynn's boyfriend. He is very athletic and energetic like Lynn. Though they were on opposing sports teams, they were very close regardless. Now Francisco is the PE teacher at Alicia's elementary school. Lynn also admits that she can never be competitive with Francisco since they both are on the same wavelength when it comes to sports.


Lynn's former teammate and best friend. Margo is also very athletic like Lynn. They could always be seen playing sports together and watching ball games. Now Margo is competing in the Olympics and she has her own sneaker company too.


One of Lincoln's friends. Liam is a southern boy who was raised in a barn. He is very resourceful and looks for the best in every situation. He is very gullible, yet also friendly. He has a love for farm animals and currently works as a farmer.


One of Lincoln's friends. Zach is very kind and likes aliens. He is pretty nerdy, yet manages to have a social life, thanks to Lincoln. Zach currently works as a movie director. His preference for directing is sci-fi movies.


One of Lincoln's friends. Rusty is very sporty and loves riding bikes. As a kid, he was part of an exclusive bikers club. He is also pretty comedic and sarcastic, too. Rusty currently works as an Olympic cyclist.


Lincoln's former rival and good friend. Chandler used to be a bit of a bully, and had taken advantage of both Lincoln and Lisa before. Nowadays, he's nicer, but he still has his jerky moments. He was very popular in school because of his dad's job. Despite that, he truly wasn't happy as many kids would take advantage of him. Currently, Chandler works as a competing comic book creator that competed with Lincoln's series.


Lincoln's former crush. Paige is also into video games like Lincoln. She was originally jealous of Lincoln's relationship with Ronnie Anne in high school. She is very bright, but also has her ditzy moments as well. She currently works as a video game tester.


The former new girl in Lincoln's class. Lincoln wanted to impress her originally, but she accepted Lincoln's real personality. She is very mysterious, kind, and smart.


Lucy's ex-husband and Rusty's younger brother. Rocky isn't very spooky like Lucy, but he has some dark moments. He likes video games, fake blood, and comic books. He and Lucy divorced due to Rocky getting tired of Lucy's spooky demeanor and thought they never really had any real connection. He mostly has custody over Ryan, but Lucy shares responsibility over Ryan too. He currently works as a video game salesman.


Lucy's old love and current fiance. Silas is gothic, dreary, and mysterious like Lucy. He is also into vampires and ghosts like Lucy. He and Lucy are pretty close and share a lot of interests. He currently works as a mortician alongside Lucy.


Lucy's best friend. Haiku is also very gothic and shares an interest in Lucy's favorite show, Vampires of Melancholia. She is also very dreary and loves wearing black. She currently works as a poet.


Lana's crush and best friend. Skippy has a lot in common with Lana, both liking animals and mechanics. He currently works as a car mechanic alongside Lana.

Lucas, Marcus, Mike, & Gus

Lana's best guy friends who formerly hated her. Like Lana, they are very loud, dirty and obnoxious and they like reptiles and gross cuisines. They used to be slightly violent and sexist as kids, since they beat up Lana because she's a tomboy. Now they're nicer and are always there for Lana.


Lola's ex-husband. They are both very fancy, rich people, yet Winston and Lola divorced because he was getting sick of Lola's selfish personality. He is very charitable and loves helping others, much unlike Lola. He currently works as the mayor of Royal Woods.


Lola's former pageant rival and best friend. Like Lola, Lindsey is also very girly, bratty and vindictive. She is also rich because she works as a pageant judge.


Bobby and Ronnie Anne's mother. Maria works as a nurse and is very kind and motherly. She loves her granddaughter, Lonnie and grandson, Lucas and is supportive of Bobby's relationship with Lori and Ronnie Anne's relationship with Lincoln. She loves her family very much.


Bobby and Ronnie Anne's grandfather. Hector was a businessman who owned his own convenience store. He is currently retired and his grandson, Carl, is currently taking over Hector's store.


Bobby and Ronnie Anne's grandmother. Rosa is very protective and caring. She likes keeping her home safe from evil spirits and is into caring for her family by giving them old family medical remedies. She also likes to cook a lot.


Ronnie Anne and Bobby's uncle. Carlos was a professor at the city's college. He is very intelligent and is always seen reading a book. He is much like both Lisa and Hugh, being that they're intelligent and love reading, much like Carlos.


Ronnie Anne and Bobby's aunt. Frida loves taking photos of family memories. She is very caring and sweet. Sometimes she embarrassed her kids, but she always meant well.


One of Bobby and Ronnie Anne's cousins. Carlota is very girly, trendy, and stylish. She loves going shopping and she wanted to give Ronnie Anne a makeover before. She currently works as a clothing salesgirl at the city's boutiques.


One of Bobby and Ronnie Anne's cousins. CJ has Down Syndrome and is very friendly, playful, and energetic. He loves playing pretend and has a big imagination. He currently works as a children's book writer, and turns his childhood fantasies into entertaining stories.


One of Bobby and Ronnie Anne's cousins. Carl was very flirtatious with Lori and acts suave. Currently, he inherited Hector's store and started selling new food and other products he's invented.


One of Bobby and Ronnie Anne's cousins. Carlitos is very friendly, nice, and bright. He is like his older siblings combined, yet he has his own identity. He currently works as Carl's helper in the Casagrande bodega

Howard and Harold

Clyde's two dads. Howard and Harold are both very caring and protective of Clyde. They are very supportive of Clyde. Though they don't know their grandson very well, they try to be in Chad's life no matter what, much to Chad's resistance.


There will be 3 seasons of Loud House: Next Generation.

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