The transcript for Loudcation.


It was Spring break. Lisa and Hugh were preparing for their usual trip to the beach.

Hugh: Can you believe we never did this that much with the kids?

Lisa: I know. They were younger and weren't easy to travel with.

Hugh Jr and Alicia entered.

Hugh Jr: I'm all packed and ready!

Lisa: Good. Alicia, are you ready?

Alicia: Of course I am!

Lisa: Good.

An hour later, they reached the beach.

Lisa rented a cabana on the beach.

Moments later, all ten of Lisa's siblings arrived.

Lucy was carrying a coffin. 

Lori: Lucy, are you literally sure you need a COFFIN for the beach?

Lucy: You have your sunblock. I have mine.

Lincoln: This is just like when we were kids.

Luan: I sure hope I don't WIPE OUT when I go surfing.

Luna: I'd play some beachside tunes, but I don't have a mic!

Lynn: Well, I can swim faster than all of you!

Leni: I don't even know how to swim.

Lily: I could teach ya! Dad taught me a lot after I got potty trained!

Lana: Well, this is nice. I'm off work and I get to spend time with my family.

Lola: Yeah. We're only missing one family member.

Leni: Yeah! Where's Lisa?

Lisa saw all her siblings huddled around and went over to them.

Lisa: Seriously? YOU guys are here on my beach vacay?

Lincoln: Okay, okay. We want to be here, too. I mean, this beach is HUGE! You'll hardly know we're here!

Lisa: Of course I would! You guys constantly bug me!

Lincoln: We won't this time!

Leni: Yeah! We rented our OWN cobona far away from you and Hugh!

Lisa rolled her eyes.

Lisa: It's CABANA. And I don't trust you guys at all!

Lincoln: Whatever. I hope you have fun!

Lisa: Oh. I will. Without you.

An hour passed and Lisa's siblings were tagging along with her, Hugh, and her kids in every activity.

Luan: Hugh Jr, you would just love my beach-side puns!

Hugh Jr: Sorry aunt Luan, but Mom says your jokes are poison.

Luan: Aw come on! I guess I'll just hi-tide you later.

Luan laughed and walked away.

Lisa and Hugh were relaxing at their cabana.

Lola, Leni, and Lori were drooling over Hugh in his bathing suit.

Lisa: Are you kidding me? Shoo!

Hugh: I'm actually kinda used to it now.

Lola, Leni, and Lori (in unison): Bah. Bah. Bah.

Hugh: On second thought, I'm outta here!

Hugh ran away while Lisa followed him.

Lynn was in the water with Alicia.

Lynn: Alicia, I bet I can go faster than you!

Alicia: Sorry, but I just want to practice my backstrokes!

Lynn: Oh, so a little race is in order.

Alicia: I didn't say that.

Lynn: Oh. Well, I'll kick your butt in backstrokes!

Lynn swam backwards intensely while Alicia swam towards the dry land.

Moments later, Lisa got sick of her siblings' antics.

She hollered over to them.

They came right over to her.

Lisa: I cannot BELIEVE you guys! You told me you'd leave me alone...but you didn't! You bugged me and my family for the last time!

Lincoln: But WE'RE your family, too!

Lily: Yeah. We're your siblings.

Lisa: Oh. I almost forgot. Look, whatever happened to the beach being big enough for all of us?

Luna: You know...she's right. We'll get out of your hair.

Lana: Yeah! I'll call Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus. THEY'LL want to spend time with me.

Lisa: I wouldn't. But it's your funeral.

Lana: Whatever. They'll like it.

Lana walked away and whipped out her phone.

Lincoln: I guess we'll all go now.

Lisa: Uh. Yeah!

Lisa's siblings left.

Hugh, Hugh Jr, and Alicia came up to Lisa.

Hugh: So that went well.

Alicia: I really could go for some ice cream.

Lisa: Well, you're in luck! There's an ice cream shack on the other side of the beach.

Hugh Jr: Sweet!

They all went to the ice cream shack and got some ice cream.