Lucas Santiago is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. He is Lori & Bobby's son.


Lucas was born by Lori and Bobby. He and Ryan first met Alicia in preschool, in which they fell in love with her, despite their young age. He is closer to Bobby than Lori.


Like Ryan, Lucas is very friendly and kind. He is a big flirt towards Alicia, even if she doesn't feel the same way. Lucas is a bit more outgoing than Ryan and expresses his emotions very well.


Lucas is a short medium skinned boy with dirty blonde hair. He commonly wears a grey turtleneck, a green collared jacket, brown cropped pants, green socks, and brown shoes.


  • Lucas has a crush on Alicia.
  • He never satisfies his mom.
  • He is very naive at times.
  • He hates heartbreak.
  • He is closer to his father.


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