Lucy Spokes (née Loud) is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Lucy was always a gothic girl. She, however, didn't start getting into the spooky things she is into until 5 years old. Lucy always covered up both her eyes until she was 13 since Lisa lectured her about it after she fell down the stairs. She has always been fascinated by death, and when she graduated from high school, she became a mortician, much to her other siblings' discomfort. She later got married to Rocky, her childhood crush, and had Ryan years later. She and Rocky later divorced.


Lucy is very mysterious, gothic, and somewhat creepy. She loves anything spooky, dark, and depressing. Despite this, she is pretty nice, but is usually very quiet and prefers to keep to herself. She cares about her family a lot, but gets annoyed when they ignore her.


Lucy is a tall woman with long black hair that she inherited from her great grandma, Harriet, that is parted on the side, and she has really pale skin. She commonly wears grey eyeshadow, black lipstick, a black and white striped shirt, a black skirt, black and white striped tights, and grey lace up heeled ankle boots.

At 8, Lucy still had her black hair, which she commonly had her bangs over her eyes. She commonly wore a black dress, black and white striped arm warmers and knee socks, and black flats.



  • Lucy is the only Loud sibling with black hair.
    • She inherited it from her great grandma, Harriet.
  • She frequently talks to the dead.
  • Lisa is the most annoyed of Lucy.
  • Lucy can be sometimes very mean; especially to Lisa.
  • She sighs every chance she gets.
    • Mostly, she just says the word, "Sigh".
  • Her old love was Silas.
  • She is a divorced mother.
  • Lucy loves Halloween.
  • She is very fearless, yet not as fearless as Lana.
  • It is inferred that Lucy worships the devil, yet she always denies it.
  • She is very gothic, and was ever since she was a baby.


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