Luna Loud is a supporting character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is one of Lisa's sisters.


Luna always was into music, but her love for rock and roll didn't start until she was 9 years old and went to a Mick Swagger concert. Since then, she is always seen jamming to different tunes and playing her guitar. She started posting her music on the internet at 15 and at 19, she got accepted to tour with Mick Swagger, and toured with him ever since. She didn't get married, though, but she showed a romantic interest in her best friend, Sam, since she was 15.


Luna has a very electric personality. She is very loud, fierce, and rebellious. She serves as the "cool aunt" for Lisa's kids. Though she isn't around as much, she loves her family and tries to visit frequently. Luna is also into fashion, but not as much as Leni and Lola are. She loves to quote song titles and write her own songs. She gets disappointed about rejection, but that is usually used as inspiration for her hit songs.


Luna is a grown woman with longer, messy brown hair with purple streaks and freckles. She commonly wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick, paper-clip earrings, a black necklace and bracelets, a purple skull shirt with a black leather jacket, a purple plaid mini-skirt, fishnet tights, and long purple heeled boots.

At 15, Luna had short, plain brown hair with freckles. She commonly wears lavender eye-shadow, paperclip earrings, a black necklace and bracelets, a purple skull tee shirt, a lavender skirt with white belts, and tall purple boots.



  • Luna is a famous rock star.
  • She is very into music.
  • She is a good singer.
  • She loves British culture.
  • She is very energetic, yet not as much as Lynn.
  • She still kept her purple guitar she always used.
  • In middle school, she wasn't such a rock star until she went to a Mick Swagger concert.
  • She loves to rock and roll!
  • She is bisexual.
  • Lisa has always been annoyed by Luna's loud music, yet that never stopped Luna from rocking out.


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