The transcript for Lynn For the Win.


On Saturday, Lisa was finishing up some last minute experiments.

An email popped up. It was from Lynn.

The email said: "I'm in the mood for some adrenaline. Meet me at my house: 12pm sharp!"

Lisa: Oh no! I'm totally ditching this one!

Lisa hit delete on her email.

At 11:45, Lynn came to Lisa's house.

Lisa could spot Lynn running a mile away.

Lisa opened the door.

Lisa: Lynn, what is it?

Lynn: You, me, the siblings. Basketball game. Now.

Lynn pulled Lisa out the door.

A while later, Lisa and Lynn reached Lynn's house.

All of the other siblings were by a basketball hoop

Lynn's friends, Francisco and Margo were also there.

Lana: Ugh, I was just at work with Skippy, Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus. We were just fixing some teenager's car that was in an accident until Lynn had to call!

Lola: You think that's bad! My nails are atrocious! I need to go to the mani/pedi place pronto!

Leni: Well, I was just at the mall when Lynn texted.

Lily: Well, I was at home preparing my scrapbook.

Lincoln: You have a scrapbook?

Lily: Yep. It's full of all the memories I had growing up.

Lincoln: How sentimental! Meanwhile, Clyde, Chandler, Liam, Zach, Rusty, Paige, Stella, and I were all playing an alternate reality game at the arcade.

Lisa: Well, I was doing some experiments. And no one wonders about why Lynn called us over here?

Lynn: I told you guys! It's the most INTENSE basketball game ever!

Lucy: Sigh. I don't want to play basketball. Where's the vampire's lair?

Luan: Ah come on! I bet we all could try to beat Lynn if we tried.

Lori: No way! I literally can't play. I need to text Bobby Boo-boo Bear!

Luna: And I need to be in Denver in 5 minutes for another world tour!

Lynn: Just get on the court, pronto!

The Loud siblings followed Lynn to her basketball court.

Lynn: Okay, so here's how it'll work. Margo and Francisco here will keep score. While I play defense and you'll all have to try to get the ball in the hoop.

Lisa: I'm sensing some rigging here.

Lana: Aw come on, Lis. This could be fun.

Lincoln: Yeah. I've been told that video games aren't the most "active" thing to do.

Lisa: Uh, okay. What the heck?

Lisa grabbed a basketball and tried to shoot it in the hoop.

Lynn jumped up and spiked it.

Francisco: One point - Lynn!

Next, Lana came up and threw the basketball.

Lynn blocked Lana's shot.

Margo: 2 points - Lynn!

An hour passed. All the siblings tried shooting the ball in the hoop.

Lynn beat them all.

Next, Lynn had another activity.

Lynn: Okay, now you all have to be defense when I try to shoot the ball into the hoop!

Lisa: No worries. I got this.

Lynn threw a ball over Lisa's head.

Lisa tried to block it, but the ball ended up in the hoop.

Lynn: Aw! Nice try, Lis.

Next, Lily went up.

Lynn: Bet you're not prepared for THIS!

Lynn threw the ball towards the hoop.

Lily jumped up.

The ball made it in anyways.

Next, Leni was standing in front of the hoop.

She was talking on the phone.

Leni: Chaz, we've got the cutest couple name, like, ever! Cheni! How do you like that? Or we could go for Laz. Or we could combine our last names. What was your last name again, Chazzie? I forgot!

Lynn threw the ball into the hoop again.

Leni hung up her phone.

Leni: Hey! No fair, Lynn! I wasn't ready.

Lynn: Ya gotta get your head in the game, Leni!

Next up, Luna tried to block Lynn.

Luna jumped up, but twisted her ankle.

Luna: OW!

Lynn spiked the ball into the hoop while Lisa was inspecting Luna's ankle.

Lynn racked up many points.

Francisco awarded her with a medal.

Francisco: I made this medal from scratch using my old Olympic trophies. I hope you like it.

All the siblings glared at Lynn.

Lisa: Lynn, I KNEW you rigged the competition!

Lynn: Ugh! Okay! I admit it!

Luna: And I sprained my ankle! Thankfully, Lisa will take me to her doctor's office.

Lisa: Yeah. I don't do that very often, but Luna needs all the medical attention she can get.

Lynn: I guess I got a little overboard. All I wanted to do was spend time with you guys.

Lynn sighed.

Lynn: Although I could've gone about it a different way.

Lucy: How about we all go out for pizza and ice cream? We all liked that growing up.

Lincoln: Great idea, Lucy!

Lynn: Heh. Yeah. I can't remember the last time I wasn't training competitively and ate junk food.

Lynn turned to Margo and Francisco.

Lynn: And Margo, Francisco, I apologize for acting competitive, too.

Francisco: It's alright. I always tell my 1st grade gym class that being competitive just makes you lose friends.

Margo: Yeah. Sports are about having fun, Lynn.

Lynn: I know. You are also invited to eat pizza and ice cream with my siblings.

Margo: Oh yeah!

Francisco: Wouldn't miss it!

Lisa: So, you ready then?

The siblings all cheered and left Lynn's place.

Margo and Francisco followed behind Lynn.

They reached the ice cream and pizza place.

Lisa: Now this is what I call a Saturday well spent.

Loud siblings (in unison): Yes it is!