The transcript for Prankster Payback.


It was April Fool's day and Lisa was tired of getting pranked by Luan.

Lisa decided to prank her back once and for all.

Lisa called Luan up on her phone.

Lisa: Luan, you should come over.

Luan (on other line): Why?

Lisa: Uh, for some sisterly bonding.

Luan (on other line): Oh, okay. I'll be there.

Lisa (to herself): Perfect! Now Luan will think we're hanging out like sisters do, but really I'll totally prank her and then humiliate her, making her so miserable that she never pranks me or my other siblings again!

Lisa chuckled evilly.

Hugh entered.

Hugh: Lisa, I was thinking, we could all have a nice family outing. We rarely do that anymore.

Lisa: No time for that. Today is April Fool's day and do you know what that means?

Hugh: No.

Lisa: It means Luan usually pranks me and all my other siblings. So, I'm getting her back.

Hugh: Really? Well, my sister Alison was the exact same way when it came to pranking. So, obviously the best revenge is nothing. She'll stop.

Lisa: Okay. Sure, I'll stop.

Hugh: Good to know. So, you'll be coming with us? I wanted to take Hugh Jr and Alicia to see their favorite movie and you just have to come.

Lisa: Okay. I'll be there in a moment.

Hugh: Okay.

Hugh left.

Lisa (to herself): Ha. Hugh fell for that. I WILL prank Luan back. And it'll hurt.

Lisa manically laughed.

Hugh Jr and Alicia entered.

Hugh Jr: Dad wants us on the road now.

Alicia: Yeah. We'll all see "The Scientific Mystery" together! It's our favorite film!

Lisa: Yeah, I'm coming. But I have a special job for you two.

Hugh Jr: Sure. What is it?

Lisa: After your dad gets the car, you two have to rig the house with booby-traps. Luan is coming over and I want her to get her butt pranked since she's always done that to me and my other siblings!

Hugh Jr: Yeah, we're not doing any of that.

Alicia: Just come on.

They left.

Lisa: If nobody will help me, might as well do it myself.

Lisa cackled evilly.

Lisa rigged the house with lots of booby-traps that would potentially injure Luan.

Lisa put a bucket of fish heads above the front door, covered the kitchen floor with a ton of oil, and made every door inside the house have an electric shock.

Lisa (to herself): Now Luan will never see what's coming! She will never prank me ever again!

Lisa laughed manically and went out the door.

Hugh, Hugh Jr, and Alicia were already in the car.

Hugh: So, you ready now?

Lisa: Oh, you bet I am!

Lisa grinned.

Hugh: Oookay.

Moments later, they reached the movie theater.

Lisa checked her phone and looked at the home security system.

Luan entered and got assaulted with fish heads.

Luan (on phone): Lisa, are you there? This isn't funny.

Luan went into the kitchen for a snack, but slipped on all the oil.

Luan (on phone): Well, it COD have been worse!

Luan went to every door looking for Lisa, but she got an electric shock.

Lisa smirked and turned off her phone.

Hugh: Is everything okay?

Lisa: Yes. Everything's good.

They all went in the theater after getting popcorn.

Lisa: Ugh. My stomach hurts.

Hugh: What happened?

Lisa: Uhhh. I ate too much popcorn.

Hugh Jr: Mom, you barely even touched it, though.

Alicia: Are you sure you're sick?

Lisa: I am. I-

Lisa pretended to vomit by secretly throwing her popcorn and drink on the floor.

Hugh: Okay, we need to get you home right now.

Lisa grinned.

Moments later, they went home.

Lisa: Uh, I am feeling a little better now. Thanks Hugh.

Hugh: No problem. If you feel sick again, let me know.

Lisa: Okay.

Lisa headed inside. She could see Luan in the living room unconscious.

Lisa went up to Luan.

Lisa: This is what you get for pranking me every April Fool's day.

Lisa grinned.

Lisa: And now for the final prank.

Lisa went to the kitchen and got ice cold water and dumped it on Luan.

Luan woke up with a jolt.

Luan: I don't get it, Lis. Why? Why'd you prank me like that?

Lisa: Oh, it was too easy. You always prank me and the other siblings, so I say...what the heck? Hugh and my kids wanted to see a movie with me today but I fooled them into thinking that I was sick just so I could finish you off.

Hugh and her kids overheard.

Hugh: Lisa, you...lied to me.

Hugh Jr: Correction. You lied to all of us.

Alicia: I wanted to see that movie!

Lisa: Look, I can explain.

Hugh: No need. I know now. Pranking Luan was just more important than time with your family.

Lisa: No, that-

Luan: Well, I can see you're in a PRANKadicament. I gotta go.

Lisa: Not so fast, Luan.

Lisa turned to Hugh.

Lisa: I apologize. But at least I got Luan back.

Hugh: Okay, okay. Maybe you had your reason for lying, but you could have told me the truth. I would have understood. Even though I said I ignored Alison for pranking me, I also pranked her back several times. I even convinced her that her ex-boyfriend wanted to get back together with her and-

Lisa: I know. And Luan, you promise you won't go so crazy on April Fool's day ever again as long as you live?

Luan: I can't make any promises...but sure.

Lisa: That's good.

They hugged.