Ronnie Anne Loud (née Santiago) is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. She is Lincoln's wife.


Ronnie Anne was pretty tough and aggressive around Lincoln at first. She, however, later warmed up to him. She moved to her cousins' bodega later on, but then moved back during the end of middle school. Ronnie Anne and Lincoln dated all through high school, and later got married and had a daughter, Lonnie, years later.


Ronnie Anne is pretty tough and aggressive, but is pretty nice. She used to bully Lincoln a lot, but that decreased as they got to know each other. She is now very motherly and nurturing, although very tough and strict at times.


Ronnie Anne is a tall medium skinned woman with wavy black hair and purple streaks and freckles. She commonly wears purple hoop earrings, pink lipstick, a purple turtleneck, a blue skirt, pink tights, and purple heels.

At 11, Ronnie Anne commonly had her hair in a ponytail and had an overbite. She commonly wore a purple sweatshirt, blue shorts, pink knee socks, and purple flats.


  • Ronnie Anne is Lincoln's wife.
  • She got girlier with age.
  • She is pretty tough, yet sweet.
  • Lincoln assumes the worst of her.
  • She and Lisa drifted apart.
  • She is very assertive and outspoken.
  • She used to bully Lincoln, but she realized her true feelings for him.
  • She briefly moved away in the Loud House, to her cousins' bodega, but moved back to Royal Woods and reunited with Lincoln.
  • She is very smart, yet not as much as Lisa.


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