Ryan Spokes is a minor character in Loud House: Next Generation. He is Lucy's son.


Ryan was born by Lucy and Rocky. When his parents got divorced, he was very sad about it, until Lucy showed him her childhood memories. Ryan and Lucas first met Alicia in preschool, and they both were smitten, despite their young age.


Ryan is very nice and kind. He has some of the same spooky interests that Lucy does. He, however, likes his guy time, which is why he mostly lives with his dad or hangs out with Lucas. He can be a big flirt when around Alicia, even if she doesn't feel the same way.


Ryan is a short, sturdy kid with spiked up black hair and freckles. He commonly wears a black tee shirt with a grey jacket, blue jeans, and grey sneakers with black laces.


  • Ryan has a crush on Alicia.
  • He is pretty naive.
  • He is a lot like Lucy.
  • He frequently lives with his father.
  • He loves ghosts like Lucy.
  • He's not too bright.


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