The transcript for Sick Day.


The next day, Lana was asleep in bed.

Lana woke up.

Lana: Oh. How long did I sleep for?

Lana looked at the clock on her phone.

Lana: 12:00!? I'm going to be late for work!

Lana vomited in her bed.

Lana: Ew. Cool. What happened?

Lana passed out.

Moments later, Lisa went in Lana's room.

Lisa: Lana, Skippy called me and said that you didn't show up to work.

Lana got up.

Lana: How'd you know that?

Lisa: Well, it was a medical alert, really. I was at the hospital.

Lana: A medical alert from throwing up? I'll be fine, Lis. Really

Lana's stomach gurgled.

Lana threw up again.

Lisa: Ew. I might have the solution.

Lisa got a pill out of her pocket.

Lisa: Take this. It'll help.

Lana took the pill out of Lisa's hand and swallowed it.

Meanwhile, at the mechanic shop...

Skippy was fixing a car.

Lucas, Marcus, Mike and Gus entered.

Skippy: Hey, have any of you heard about what happened to Lana?

Lucas: No.

Marcus: We thought she was with you.

Mike: Is she okay?

Gus: I hope she's fine.

Skippy: Yeah. She's fine. She's just sick.

Lucas: Why!?

Marcus: How!?

Mike: When?!

Gus: What?!

Skippy: You four should go over to Lana's to check up on her. I already called the doctor.

Lucas: You know a doctor?

Skippy: I do. One of Lana's sisters is a doctor.

Marcus: Wait...which one?

Skippy: It's Lisa.

Mike and Gus (in unison): EWWW!

Skippy: Just go over to Lana's place...okay? I'll come, too.

Lucas: Okay, okay.

Skippy, Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus all left the mechanic shop and headed to Lana's house.

Meanwhile, at Lana's house...

Lisa: You seem to be in order, Lana. But what made you get sick in the first place?

Lana: Well, last night I drank some expired milk.

Lisa: Ew. No wonder!

Lana: But I always do! It's good stuff!

Lisa: Out of curiosity, how old is it?

Lana: I dunno. But it said that it was best by 2018.

Lisa: You drank THIRTY year old milk!? No wonder you're sick. Lie down now. I'm leaving to get some real help!

Lana: No! Lisa, don't go. You need to give me some more of those pills.

Lisa: I will. I'll be right back!

Just as Lisa left Lana, Skippy, Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus entered.

Lisa: Skippy, look behind you, but the bigoted sexists are behind you.

Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus looked offended.

Lisa: Oh come on! You guys admitted it 30 years ago!

Lucas: Yeah. But we changed. Tell her, Marcus.

Marcus: Yeah. We changed. I don't know why you keep bringing this up!

Mike: We didn't even beat you up!

Gus muttered.

Gus: But we should have.

Lisa: Whatever. I'm outta here.

Skippy stopped Lisa.

Skippy: Wait...aren't you supposed to cure Lana?

Lisa: She'll be fine. She just drank some expired milk. Now I'm off to see David at his new place away from Darcy. Bye.

Lisa left.

Skippy: Now what do we do?

Lucas: I dunno. We're not doctors!

Marcus: Lisa really hates us now. Doesn't she?

Mike: It's understandable, though. We beat up her sister 30 years ago.

Gus: But she should've gotten over it! I mean...Lana's our friend now!

Skippy: And as friends, let's go check on Lana.

Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus (in unison): Okay!

They went into Lana's room.

Lana got up, drowsy looking.

Lana: Skippy? Lucas? Marcus? Mike? Gus?

Skippy: Yes. It's us.

Lana: Where's Lisa?

Lucas: She ditched you.

Lana: What? Why?

Marcus: I don't know. But we're here now.

Mike: I know we're not doctors-

Gus: But we came to help anyways.

Lana: Thanks guys! I appreciate it.

Lucas: No problem.

Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus all left Lana's room.

They went to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in Lana's room...

Skippy was tucking Lana in her bed.

Lana: Thanks Skippy. You didn't have to do this.

Skippy: I do. Cause I love you.

Lana: Aw.

Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus came back with some orange juice, fruit gummies, and the medicine Lisa left behind.

Lucas: Here. Take this.

Marcus: It'll make you feel better.

Lana took the orange juice and drank it.

Mike: How's that? A drink that isn't expired.

Lana: Thanks guys.

Lana ate the fruit gummies.

Gus: These should help your stomach.

Lana: Wow.

Lucas: And here are some pills that your sister left behind.

Lucas handed the pills to Lana.

Lana took a pill.

Marcus: This'll get you to stop throwing up.

Mike: Yeah. Lisa told us about that.

Lana: Aw! Thanks guys. You know...I'm feeling MUCH better now!

Gus: Glad to hear it!

Lana smiled.