The transcript for The Next Generation.


It was a nice day in Royal Woods.

Lisa was enjoying a cup of coffee with her husband Hugh.

Lisa: Can you believe we almost didn't get married? My sisters almost objected the wedding!

Hugh: I know. But we're together now, right?

Lisa: Exactly. Can you please tell Hugh Jr that he needs to get down here so he can get school supplies for school coming up next month?

Hugh: Of course I will, honey.

Hugh hollered up for his bespectacled 8 year old son.

Hugh Jr came down with a science experiment.

Hugh Jr: Yes! I'm coming! Can't you see I need to separate uranium and lithium before a chemical reaction occurs?

Lisa: Like mother like son!

Hugh: I know, huh?

Their youngest 5 year old daughter, Alicia came downstairs.

Alicia: Mommy, I wanna sleep over at Ashley's house tonight! Can I?

Lisa: Please. You know Lola hates her house getting dirty. If you have a sleepover in HER house, it would defeat the whole purpose of her abnormally clean house.

Alicia grumbled and left.

Hugh: Lisa, I know that Lola bugs you, but you should let Alicia sleep over there.

Lisa: It's not my problem. It's Lola's. She expects her house to be clean 24/7, basically. Lola even kicked out Lana, HER OWN TWIN last Christmas because she went sledding before she came over.

Hugh: Really?

Lisa: Yep.

Hugh Jr: Mom, did you say that you needed me to get school supplies?

Lisa: Of course. Let's get going. Your dad will look after Alicia.

Hugh Jr: Doesn't she start school in a month, too?

Lisa: Right. She's going to have to come with us.

Alicia overheard.

Alicia: Not fair. I want a new outfit, too. Think you could get me one?

Lisa: You have plenty of clothes.

Alicia: But I want to have a fresh start. I want my clothes to be more first grade.

Lisa: Fine. But just one outfit.

Alicia: Okay.

They arrived at the mall.

Lisa: Okay, Hugh Jr, here's 50 dollars. Get what you need in the school supply shopping department and I'll meet you there. Meanwhile, I must come with Alicia to pick a new outfit for her.

Hugh Jr: Okay.

Hugh Jr left.

Alicia: And about my outfit, I saw this adorable purple turtleneck and plaid skirt a few days ago when Aunt Leni took me to the mall to browse. Of course, she said that I'd have to ask you. So can we get it, Mom?

Lisa: I suppose so. Also, after we get your school supplies, I need to get some sodium silicate for a new experiment.

Alicia: Huh?

Lisa: Just know that I have another errand to run.

Alicia: Oh.

They finally got the clothes for Alicia.

Hugh Jr was waiting by the checkout of the school supply store.

Lisa: Got everything you need?

Hugh Jr: I did. Now what?

Lisa: Well, now Alicia needs to get her things.

A while later, Alicia got everything she needed.

Lisa: Now where is that scientific chemical store?

Hugh Jr: What do you know? It's right near this store.

Lisa: Perfect!

Lisa went in and got exactly what she needed while Hugh Jr and Alicia were waiting on the bench outside.

They arrived home and Hugh had some news.

Hugh: I got an e-mail from Hugh Jr's school and they said he graduated elementary school!

Lisa: Wow! Already? He's only 8.

Hugh: I guess Hugh Jr's teacher liked his essay on nuclear physics for science class.

Lisa: That's my boy!

Hugh Jr: So you're saying I'll actually start middle school instead of 4th grade?

Lisa: Yep.

Hugh Jr: But what about my friends? I had lots of friends in third grade! Many kids even wanted my help with their homework!

Lisa: You'll make plenty of new friends at middle school. As a kid, I wasn't fond of having friends except with David and Darcy, who were my kindergarten classmates. They managed to be my friends throughout my life!

Hugh Jr: Wait...Darcy?

Lisa: Of course, Darcy was never my BEST friend like she always thought. I always tricked her and pretended she was, when really...I don't like her.

Hugh Jr: And about my predicament?

Lisa: You'll find friends in middle school. Believe me. When I was in middle school, I was quite popular.

Hugh Jr: Really?

Lisa: Yeah. You'll do fine in middle school!

Hugh: Guys, dinner!

Lisa: Oh right. Your father was working all day on this. His favorite dish as a child.

Hugh: Yep. Enjoy some bangers and mash while it's still hot!

They all ate their meal.

Lisa: Hugh, that was delectable.

Hugh: Yep. Oddly enough, my sister Alicia couldn't stand this meal. She always said it tasted like feet, which I didn't get at all.

Lisa: But you enjoy it.

Hugh: I do.

Hugh Jr: Yeah. This was pretty good, Dad.

Alicia: Yeah!

Hugh: Well, I'm glad SOMEBODY likes this meal!